Polaris Project Human Trafficking Statistics

Human trafficking is known to be a modern type of slavery to people where they are being exploited and controlled by other people that in return they can gain profit. The usual victim on this type of crime is within the age range of 18 and above. This typically involves sex trade where they need to perform sex acts or anyone can force them on services or labor of different forms. Including to this is being a domestic worker and farm worker. These are the common situation where people are being controlled and used to do a forced labor.

It is very alarming that each year the cases on human trafficking is getting higher where human traffickers generate almost billion of dollars in terms of profit from this unfortunate people. In combating this issue some countries made certain projects on how they can effectively stop human trafficking and one of these is the Polaris project human trafficking. The project contains data’s and statistics which can be of great help in monitoring this type of cases. The good thing about this is it not only includes important data’s locally but also internationally.

Based on the Polaris project data’s in 2007 there are 27 million of slavery cases all over the globe. Then each year there is 800,000 of human trafficking across the international borders. There are 1 million children being exploited on commercial sex trade globally every year. In addition to this there are 50 percent of children that are transitional victims, 80 percent on girls and women that are also transitional victims, 70 percent of females are being commercialized in the sex industry and 30 percent of these females are victims of forced labor. Aside from this information, there are almost 161 countries that have been affected by this type of issues where human traffickers generate 32 billion as an annual profit.

In cases of human trafficking within the citizens of the US there is an estimate of 244, 000 of youth and children that is at risk on sexual exploitation same with sexual exploitation commercially in the year 2000. In 1999, there is an estimate of 38, 600 or 1.6 million of youth approximately that are thrown away or run away that have been victims of exploitation or sexual endangerment. When it comes to prostitution the average age range of people who are being forced to do this is within 12 up to 14 years of age.

In dealing with some states in the US such as California there is an identified of 559 prospects in the year 2005 up to 2007. And there is almost 57 applications regarding the continued presence of human trafficking. Another is Virginia where there are 43 victims of trafficking that comes from 4 different organizations. Included also here is Wisconsin that has identified 200 victims on labor trafficking and sex cases. Almost 85 percent of victims here are identified to be adults and 75 percent are victims of sex trafficking. This are some of the important data’s that you can get in the Polaris project human trafficking statistics. Using this will enable you to effectively identify which of the countries possess most victims of human trafficking that needs to be taken cared first.