Heat Pump Pros and Cons List

Heat pump has its share of appreciators or endorsers and there is a section of critics. Almost everyone would agree that heat pump is a quintessential appliance, but the real conflict lies in the assessment of whether or not a heat pump is the best option for your home. Here is a list of heat pump pros and cons that can help you to make an informed decision.

List of Pros of Heat Pump

1. If you have a heat pump, then you don’t need an air conditioner or a furnace.
The heat pump is capable of heating your home during winters and cooling your home during summers. It can actually cater to perennial environment control. In effect, you get to have just one system for all your heating, cooling and even dehumidification needs.

2. A heat pump is a capable dehumidifier.
When the mercury rises and there’s substantial moisture in the air, the heat pump can extract the moisture out and ensure that your indoor temperature is cool and the relative humidity is low. Many heaters and even some coolers are unable to extract moisture as effectively as a heat pump.

3. A heat pump requires much less energy to run when compared to an air conditioner or a furnace.
However, the savings would not be noticeable throughout the year. When the mercury dips close to the freezing point or below, you may have to use the heat pump at its highest settings and that wouldn’t consume any less energy compared to other appliances. In most cases, people save substantially on gas bills.

4. A heat pump can easily lead to value appreciation of your property.
The degree of appreciation will depend on the quality of the heat pump.

List of Cons of Heat Pump

1. One of the most noticeable disadvantages of a heat pump is the noise.
A heat pump can make sleeping quite difficult if it is anywhere near the bedroom. If there is a house or a property very close to your home, then the people staying there could be disturbed too. There are noise cancellation methods and contemporary heat pump models are quieter but the noise will be an issue. Fortunately, the indoor fan doesn’t make as much noise.

2. A heat pump may not be sufficient for very cold places.
You may need an additional furnace or some other heating solution to act as a backup or to supplement the heat from the pump.