List of Pros and Cons of Linux

Linux is the third most popular operating system in the world. In the consumer space, Linux is rarely used as operating systems in desktops or personal computers and even laptops but it is a common operating system used by companies to develop their own servers and other solutions. The kernel of Linux is free and it can be used as the foundation for a plethora of different software. Like other operating systems, Linux has certain pros and cons.

List of Pros of Linux

1. Linux is essentially a freeware. In other words, you don’t pay anything for the kernel. This works very well for companies that are trying to develop certain solutions and they cannot keep paying steep prices for an operating system.

2. Linux is very simple. Many people think that it is harder than Windows or Mac OS. Linux is actually simpler than both and hence easier.

3. Linux is the most compatible operating system in the world. It is highly adaptable and can work with most types of software or apps you have. Apple operating systems are infamous for their incompatibility. Windows has certain limitations as well. Linux is a breather in that sense.

4. Linux is not a demanding operating system. It does not require high end hardware to run. You can easily run Linux on a system that has specs dating back to 2000s or even late 1990s.

5. Linux is more stable than other operating systems. Scheduled or intermittent reboots are unnecessary. The operating system doesn’t hang or freeze as easily as others.

6. Linux is an extremely fast and responsive operating system. It can cater to multiple tasks or functions in real time without any lag or hiccup.

7. Linux is very flexible. It can be scaled up or down easily. It doesn’t have to be updated every now and then. It is a robust operating system.

8. Linux is more secured than Windows. Some people rate Apple’s security as the absolute best but given the cost and upkeep of Linux, it is easily the more desirable solution. Also, Linux can coexist with Windows on the same system.

List of Cons of Linux

1. Linux is free, there is no registration and one can customize it in any way needed or desired but there lies an unavoidable problem. There is no support or official support for Linux.

2. Linux is not compatible with some state of the run software, especially financial algorithms and certain multimedia formats. It is also not compatible with certain MS applications.