Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men

Feminism has become a highly debatable topic. This is basically a movement with a collection of ideologies that aim to establish, define and defend the roles and rights of women in terms of political, social and economic facets. Feminism aims to provide equal opportunities to females in employment and education, something that they have less privilege in many years past. As a matter of fact, there are still nations and minorities today that limit the roles and rights of women in these aspects which is why feminist still strive to promote their movement and ideologies.

Though the movement aims to empower women in the society, there are certain individuals who think that feminism is not really aimed to promote equality among genders. Skeptics of the movement’s ideologies are mostly male prominent figures who think that males are beginning to become misrepresented in the society. Debates include misrepresentations such as being oppressive and aggressive. Feminism has emphasized on how men deliberately became the main actors and players in politics, economy and society that they have forgotten about the great deeds of males in protecting and providing for their families. The males have also been generalized to be rapists and slavers of women.

Debate Over Feminism Cause

Debaters would often argue about how feminism became a form of discrimination movement against men. Today, females have more rights than men and men have acquired less recognition. In fact, the trend is continuing to be more emphasized as time goes by. More and more practices and laws are becoming implemented to protect women in all aspects, while disregarding men. Debaters have argued that the society have formulated a misconception that men can endure anything which is why they do not need protection. They are trying to empower women instead since they are delicate and oppressed. This is something that other people are arguing on since men can also feel oppressed and discriminated. In fact, men are also trafficked and treated as slaves across other nations.

However, feminists disagree to this highly debated subject. According to them, they do not aim to discriminate men. They are well aware that men can feel interpersonal conflicts and experience abuses in certain ways as well. But it is also a fact that the number of women abuses from men is higher than its counterpart. Statistics show that despite the many laws implemented against the rights and protection of women, more and more women are still violated and harmed. This only proves that feminism has not yet achieved its ultimate goal of protecting and empowering all female.

Purpose of Feminism Movement

To sum it all up, feminism is not a movement aimed to discriminate men but rather to empower women and provide them all necessary protection as much as possible. This movement did not rise up as revenge to men for being abusive and oppressive. It was raised to increase awareness that women are treated as sex symbols, subservient and housewives. Feminism wants to disseminate a message that women are not just that. That they can also do what men can do and that they have as much right to become actresses and players in politics, economy and society.