Facts about Lobby Firm Discrediting Occupy

Facts About Occupy Wall Street Movement

Ten Facts on Lobbying Firm Trying to Discredit Occupy Wall Street”

A CLGC lobbying firm in Washington District of Columbia authors a memo with a detailed proposal and rationale to smear or smudge the movement on the “Occupy Wall Street”.

Actually, that said memo was particularly sent on the established and reputable association of all bankers in America. It is considered to be useful in looking for additional clients and to firmly establish the relationships that the firm even has along its powerful and competent players in the place of Washington. As for this reason, they finally drafted this significant memo for “ABA”.

1. The number one fact on lobbying firm trying to discredit Occupy Wall Street is that there is almost eight million four hundred seventy-five thousand dollar as part of the lobbying revenue from the year of 2007-2011.

2. The second fact is that the Koch Industries has paid the CLGC an amount of money reaching twenty-thousand dollars to mainly lobby the appropriations bill in Agriculture. This is due to the reason that the public scrutiny is heightened around Charles Koch and David’s political spending and agenda.

3. The third fact is that the private contribution of four principals to parties and federal candidates for almost five years reaches for about four-hundred fifty-two thousand three-hundred fifty thousand dollars. Actually, two of these principals are Jay Cranford and Geduldig who are mainly working for John Boehner, the House Speaker.

4. As per the fourth fact, another secret revealed is that the amount paid on CLGC reaches about seventy-two thousand dollars by the international investment organization to mainly lobby in opposition to “DISCLOSE ACT”. The bill is mainly used as a goal to even expose the secret on corporate money during the elections.

5. On the other hand, the fifth fact is that nearly three-hundred thousand dollars come from Geduldig.

6. The sixth fact is that the “G” in CLGC is none other than Sam Geduldig who mainly hosted a particularly fundraiser for Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate of GOP. This happened on the twenty-sixth day of October 2011. He mainly worked and spent his time for John Boehner, the House Speaker.

7. The seventh fact is that CLGC has mainly received almost seven hundred nineteen thousand dollars as lobbying fees, in 2008. The financial and banking services even escorted the particular charge to basically rescue the banks.

8. The eighth fact is that the firm also lobbied for the ABA and Roundtable of Financial Services. The amount even reaches for about seventy-thousand dollars since the year of 2007.

9. The ninth fact is that the COC has paid the CLGC an amount of five-hundred ninety-eight thousand five hundred dollars for the past few years for its lobbying services.

10. The tenth and the last fact is that Bloomberg LP has spent an amount of two-hundred one thousand dollars in 2008. Actually, this is a partnership that is further established by Mike Bloomberg, being the city mayor of New York. The CLGC firm has lobbied on the related matters in banking just for Bloomberg.