List of Demands of the Occupy Movement


Where Occupy Wall Street and Where it is Now

Occupy Wall Street is the global movement showing the huge difference between the wealth of the 1% being comprised by top earners and what the majority of the United States population has. It is a movement protesting about the economic inequality, corporate greed and corporate influence there is in politics within the United States. The movement was established on the 17th day of September 2011 in Zuccotti Park, New York City. It seems to us that such a stratification can be compared to "cyberpunk", with its slogan "High Tech, Low Life" (of course, conditionally), when the population has what satisfies most conditions, but large corporations (the same 1%) oppose population. Therefore, this movement of "deoccupation" is a movement for certain rights and certain equality. You can read about urban, political and sociological processes using the essay service.

The Beginning

Due to the movements’ aim to separate money from politics itself, it instantly scheduled a date when the main protest event is to be held. It happened on October 15, 2011, a protest event in which several demonstrations were held in several US cities days before the event was started. The set date also coincides with the anniversary of the first protest started in Spain. It was a day meant to make a change, for protests to be heard that ended up with some demonstrators getting the arrested and injured in some countries. The protest day was not simply an event held just in one country, but in several.

Occupy Wall Street and its Protest Day served as a time when millions of people became set in achieving one goal. This goal was started due to the noticeable and unceasing income inequality that people continuously experiences and suffers from. This income inequality can be very well seen on the difference that an average worker and CEO earn. A data telling that 10 of the largest employment fields in America has 20% of overall workforce. In which case, most of these employment fields are paying below declared the mean wage.

Reasoning Behind the Movement

As a job responsibility, the entire workforce is expected to be as productive as they can be. It is the exact thing that those who are in the workforce are doing, thus, the increase in productivity. However, as the level or productivity increases in big leaps, the changes in wage that the working people are receiving has not even reached even half of the increase that occurred in the level productivity throughout the years. It now became the reason that fueled the creation of the movement. As that 1% of wealthy people becomes wealthier, the more the population has to endure the financial strain of day-to- day living.

As a result of that situation, Occupy Wall Street was established. The protests the movement is working on are for global issues including economic and social inequality, corporate greed and influence, human rights, corruption and other issues to be ceased.
In the couple of years the movement has worked on that, they were able to achieve several things. That includes making people all over the world act and join the October 15 Occupy protests and the movement itself. Through the Protest Day, this cultural phenomenon became the contents of news worldwide.

The movement became a cultural phenomenon even up to this date and is still making news now and then. Although it received criticisms coming from the press, Occupy Street Wall still remained doing what it was made for and never let those criticisms affect them.