Foreign Aid Pros and Cons List

One of the most controversial subjects in our day and age is the subject of Foreign Aid. This is the practice of one country’s government offering support, monetary or in other ways, to another country’s government. There are different thoughts on the subject of Foreign Aid. Here we will take a look at some of the most looked at Pros and Cons of this subject.

List of Pros of Foreign Aid

1. Offering assistance to countries in which there is great poverty may help them (the recipients) in many ways. Health care will be better and more affordable, food will be more plentiful for those who have need in counties where poverty seems to rule over abundance.

2. Education availability may be increased and improved in countries which receive Foreign Aid. This will not only benefit the country which is helped, but will improve the quality of life greatly for the individuals who are able to further their education due to extra help.

3. Friendships between countries may be strengthened due to financial help given and accepted. This can be a great benefit in a time of war or unrest in the world, and may help make the world a better place in the united front against terrorism and other politically motivated hatred among countries.

List of Cons of Foreign Aid

1. It is possible that countries who rely on Foreign Aid could become dependent on it for survival. This would defeat the purpose of the intent to help the poor country become independent and not struggle as much to take care of their own people. The country offering Foreign Aid could find itself caught between a rock and a hard place when it is time to withdraw the previously offered aid.

2. Poor countries who rely on Foreign Aid may be made to align themselves politically with the country who helps them. This would be a misuse of Foreign Aid, and not a humanitarian help, but a political maneuver to gain policy and control over less fortunate countries.

3. Foreign Aid offered to countries who are not reliable may be used for corruption. For example, monetary help offered to a country for food and medical care, may be used for terrorists funding instead.

Though there are many more pros and cons to offering Foreign Aid to other countries, this gives you a good look at some of the things to consider when making a decision on whether you are for or against it. There are many ways it can help both the giving and receiving countries, but there are also things which could backfire.

When it comes right down to it, Foreign Aid may be necessary in some instances, but should be carefully weighed before it is offered.