We the People Petition Statistics

White House Petition Statistics

White House Responds with Petitions from We The People

There are many people who have their own issues about the government and citizens of America are entitled to their right to petition. Through We The People, citizens are able to engage in a simple yet powerful way of sending their petitions to the Obama Administration and let the government take action to certain issues. As soon as the petition attains the required number of signature, the policy officials will review it and will publish an official response for the petition.

We the People Petitions

The total signature threshold is 100,000 within 30 days. When a particular petition attains this number, experts from the White House and people included in the Administration will be reviewing it. Most of the time, petitions that are posted through the We The People leave a great impact when it comes to policy-making.

A Growing Cause

As of January 2013, total users of the site are over 5 million, wherein more than 140,000 petitions were posted and a total of 9,178,278 were signatures gathered for various petitions. Basing on these facts, people can see that there is a candid growth in the number of people participating in letting their voices heard through petitions. There is a huge difference with the total growth from September of 2011 to January of 2013, which only means that there are many people who are interested in participating with such signature campaigns.

Based on the various petitions posted and filed on We The People, there are 5 categories that determines most of issue that citizens have. Over 35,000 are petitions filed in regards to civil rights, 28, 900 petitions were posted for government reform, more than 28, 000 were posted concerning human rights, over 22,000 for issues regarding economy and 21, 695 were the total petitions posted for family issues.

Average Statistics

The average signatures that are gathered hourly is 807 while 318, 283 was the most number of signatures that are gathered for one petition. This only means that there are many citizens looking out for petitions where they can benefit and make sure that they can participate in making it a policy.

Many petitions have already crossed the threshold number of signatures of 100k within a period of 30 days, which made these petitions qualified to be reviewed upon and receive responses from the White House. With over thousands of petitions posted in We The People, the total number of petitions that the White House have responded upon is 162. Over 2 million users of the site who have signed on the petitions responded received it through emails and 21 departments and agencies have authored certain responses.

Since there are people who have already received responses, people have different reactions with what they have received. 86% say that they will be creating new petitions or will be signing another petition where they can benefit from. 66% say that getting the responses from the government was helpful for them to hear and 50% have learned new things about the response. There are many citizens who are concerned about different issues in the government, and being able to be heard and make their petitions a policy just gives them hope that there are better things waiting for them under the Obama Administration.