List of Pros and Cons of Internet

We live in a highly digital world and nearly every facet of society is somehow influenced by advancements made in technology. Every industry relies on the comfort and convenience of the internet and speedy communication platforms in order to make a profit and to connect with consumers and stake holders all across the globe. It’s hard to encapsulate just how vital the internet has become for the functions and daily tasks of our world today, but despite the unrivaled advantages it has brought about, there are certain downsides to the amazing innovation that is the internet. Ever wonder just how the internet really affects our modern society? Read through the pointers below and find out.

List of Pros of the Internet

1. Speedy Information Dissemination.
The news and information industries have both seen massive changes in the speed at which they’re able to share information with the general public thanks to the convenience and instant results offered by the internet. Gone are the days when people had to wait for their evening news before they got their daily dose of what was happening across other parts of the world. This is particularly advantageous for instances that require the immediate dissemination of information such as during emergencies, health perils, safety threats, and other events that could lead to potential injuries and dangers.

2. Ability to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere.
This is particularly advantageous for those who are part of long distance relationships or who work abroad. The internet makes it possible for people to connect with loved ones, family members, and friends from all over the globe in real time, simulating the actual face-to-face you might share with them. This is also ideal for employers who outsource their workers in different areas of the world, allowing them to communicate thoughts and ideas clearly and providing the chance to build a trusting relationship between themselves and their employees.

3. Convenient Shopping from the Comfort of Your Home.
Companies, businesses, and brands that want to keep up with their competition see to it that they make online shopping an option for their consumers. With so many electronic payment methods available, shopping from home has become the method of choice for a lot of people who don’t want to face the difficulties of elbowing their way through throngs of other shoppers. Nearly every business website offers buy options for their online consumers, making it unbelievably easy to make a purchase from the comfort of your home.

List of Cons of the Internet

1. Prone to False Information.
Because nearly every person on the face of the globe has access to the internet, the likelihood of becoming the victim of misinformation is highly possible. There are very few laws and regulations that restrict the sharing of false information on the internet, and if you happen to stumble upon untruths during your use of the World Wide Web, there’s virtually nothing you can do to have it removed. The internet is full of false articles, posts, and information, and usually, it’s up to the users to discern whether or not they want to believe a post or publication.

2. Users are Becoming Less and Less “Social.”
Yes, the internet does provide a plethora of different social media websites that allow people to connect and communicate with whoever, whenever, but recent studies have shown that social media sites might actually be turning the population less social. People who are frequently on the internet are less likely to engage in real conversation with family and friends – even when they’re in the same house. This might not seem like a problem for some people, but majority of individuals have issues with the fact that the internet has somehow taken away from the warmth of real human connection.

3. Easy to Commit Fraud.
While the internet is becoming the go-to channel for people seeking to buy products and merchandise, there are a lot of instances of online shoppers getting conned out of their money. The difficulty with online shopping is that you will never actually be able to hold on to an item before you buy it, so whatever pictures or “proof” an online seller might show you, you have to take a risk. Making a payment is too easy to do online – all you really need to do is click a button. But once that payment is made, and the value is deducted from your balance, you will have to wait for the items to be shipped to your residence, and sometimes, those deliveries never actually make it to your doorstep. The sad part here is that it is close to impossible to find and apprehend online bogus sellers because the internet is such a vast place with too many users. If these frauds decide to take down their site and disappear all together, you might never get the chance at justice.