Understanding the Fibromyalgia Discrimination Act

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that is characterized by a widespread musculoskeletal aching associated with fatigue, memory, mood and sleep issues. Fibromyalgia patients, just like other individuals with other conditions, have long been experiencing discrimination’s from varied contexts. These patients would often feel disregarded in social, political and even economical aspects. Reports regarding discrimination, especially with unemployment due to the condition have been very well documented and these reports are not just concentrated in a specific place. Almost in every community with fibromyalgia patient, reports of these types of discrimination are reported.

Researchers suggest that the discrimination is likely due to the lack of awareness regarding the condition. Individuals who have no knowledge of the disease would often get notions that the disorder is infectious and detrimental to other people who comes in contact. This is also the reason why some schools would also neglect students with the condition. Some patients are not even admitted. Neighbors would also try to stay away from a patient, with conceptions that they could acquire the disorder. In terms of employment, employers would often discriminate fibromyalgia patients because they are viewed as a burden. There are patients who cannot perform what they are tasked and employers hate to see them struggling in their work.

However, fibromyalgia patients are not alone in their stand against discrimination. Governments and non-profit organizations are working hand in hand to eradicate the discrimination that fibromyalgia patients endure. In fact, there are governments that have included Fibromyalgia discrimination acts in their equality laws that permit these patients to get involved in social, political and economical aspects just like every average individual in the society.

Fibromyalgia Statistics and Trends