5 Ways to Stop Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming

There are many reasons why global warming has developed and many changes in the environment have been noted. Due to deforestation, increase in greenhouse gases emissions, ozone depletion and increase in the carbon footprints, unpredictable weather conditions are sure to continue and many natural resources will be damaged continuously. As the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere rises continuously, it is expected that continuous changes in the environment will worsen through the years. The problem of global warming is one of the most popular at forums, scientific conferences and presentations. If you also want to apply for a convention, first read this article to be aware of the problem, secondly, contact the professional letter writer service.

Changes in Temperature

6.4°C increase in the temperature was one of the hottest temperatures that was ever recorded and occurred on Earth within 15 years. The constant increase in temperature will start eliminating wetlands in different places, wherein glaciers and land ice have been noted to be the most affected due to drastic melting. Since glaciers are melting, icebergs are the main concerns that may affect maritime sailors and navigators. It has been estimated that by 2040, Arctic region will experience an ice-free summer, which is the first in history.

Aside from maritime workers, preservers of Glacier National park located in Montana are also alarmed of the decreasing number of difference with the number of glaciers between the years 1910 to 2012. Penguins and other animals living in the Arctic have been affected also by global warming, wherein a group of Antarctic Ecosystem Researchers reported that penguins have decreased 50% approximately within the past 50 years.

Rising Sea Levels

Since glaciers and land ice are melting, sea level rise has been also estimated to increase in more than 23 inches by 2100. This is the reason why residents from Tegua have left the island and the possible reason on making Maldives submerged completely within this century. Aside from islands, productive cities such as New Orleans, Miami and New York will also experience extreme flooding.

Natural Calamities

Global warming is also the main reason why calamities like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions may be felt in any part of the globe and why there are places that experiences drought. Even some of the most renowned attractions in the world such as the Mount Everest and the Panama Canal are not spared by the effects left by over a billion pounds of carbon released into and absorbed by the atmosphere from various industries. There are many damaging effects that greenhouse gases are producing in the earth’s surface and not starting to make a difference is sure to worsen the current damages it is making.

If not for the issues on trying to misinterpret the data of global warming, people will not start doing actions for the continuous damage caused by alarming condition of the earth. There were many known people who responded with the seriousness of the global issue, which made various scientists and eco-restorations firms to send out some ideas of how to lessen the effects of global warming and trying to protect the earth from further damage.

Changing the Tide for Global Warming

There are many organizations that promotes going green and be able to help in decreasing the effects of global warming through reducing, reusing and recycling things, using devices that are energy efficient, planting more trees and share awareness of the issue. This issue has not only influenced important people but also cinema and arts, which have shown the possible things that may happen to earth if, this will continue and people will not take any action to stop it.