Spaying and Neutering Statistics

There are many people today who own numerous dogs and cats even if they don’t have enough space for them. It is truly hard to take care of this big number of pets in a house. There are times that they don’t have enough money to provide these pets with all the things that they need. Moreover, they also can’t give enough time to bond with their pets primarily when they have a hectic schedule at work. These are one of the reasons why many people are utilizing this to their cats and dogs.

Based on Humane Society, 87% of cats were neuter, and 75% of dogs are spayed. This only means that pet owners are doing the right things because it will be hard for them to think and see stray numerous dogs and cats in the city and in any rural areas of the United States. It is truly helpful to use this spaying and neutering method but, there might possible impact on the figure of euthanasia when they utilize it continuously. In this case, there are advantages and disadvantages that this method can give. And these disadvantages might also affect a big part of their life.

There are some facts that should a lot of people should know about the number their cats and dogs. They should know the specific numbers of their pets to ensure that they can take care of them all well. In this way, they can also avoid the situation wherein all of their pets will be neutered or sprayed.

It is a fact that spaying and neutering can truly give impressive advantages that will help animals and pet owners. Female cats are commonly undergone spraying because their population tends to increase faster than dogs. This only means that they can have a greater number of kittens when they are pregnant. While in dogs they can give birth for a limited numbers of puppies.

Individuals will also avoid serious problems when it comes to their health such as prostate disease and testicular cancer. The methods of spaying and neutering can also alter the attitude of their pets, but these alterations will give them optimistic and helpful results. They can also give their cats and dogs a longer time for bonding, which also needed by their pets. And in this case, they will not be aggressive to other people around them.

With the presence of neutering and spaying, many people primarily pet owners will no longer have problems in their pets. They can also manage the number of pets that they want in their house. Nowadays, only dogs and cats are not allowed to undergo this sterilized process, they actually undergo the fertilization process for breeding purpose only.

With this information about spaying and neutering statistics, many people will observe that there are many people in the United States who utilize neutering and spaying methods in their pets to control their population. So for people who own great numbers of pets like cats and dogs, they can try this method if they want to limit the number of their pets in their house.

Spaying and Neutering Facts