List of Pros and Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery

Majority of people who have vision problems will agree that it’s not easy to navigate the world with poor eyesight. There are a whole lot of different eyesight problems that could pop up at any given point in a person’s life and these could all reap significant negative effects on their ability to perform daily tasks. With the need for solutions to these problems on a constant rise, doctors and other medical professionals have developed ways to resolve the problems regarding eye problems, and one of the most popular is Lasik eye surgery.

Lasik eye surgery works to reshape the cornea to alter the amount of light that an eye is able to accommodate, thus allowing the patient to better focus on objects in the environment for an overall clearer sight. Lasik eye surgery isn’t all advantages, however, as there are some downsides to this new age treatment.

List of Pros of Lasik Eye Surgery

1. Better Vision.
Of course, why else would you avail of this treatment? Lasik eye surgery has been proven to resolve a lot of the vision problems that people face including issues with both near and far sightedness, astigmatism, and pesbyopia.

2. No Need for Glasses or Lenses.
According to recent studies, people who wear glasses often feel as though their eyewear negatively affects their image. It’s no secret that children who wear glasses become the subject of ridicule and bullying throughout school. The benefits that Lasik eye surgery provides make it possible for people to forgo the use of glasses and contact lenses all together.

3. Improved Daily Independence.
There are some people who have such bad vision that they need assistance from other people just to navigate their daily surroundings. Lasik eye surgery will make it possible for people to achieve the highest level of independence by resolving any vision problems that might be keeping them from performing daily tasks.

List of Cons of Lasik Eye Surgery

1. Night Vision Problems.
Many of the people who undergo Lasik eye surgery complain that they experience difficulties with night vision and that they are often hypersensitive to bright lights. This is a side effect of the surgery, however it does not go on for much longer than a year.

2. Hemorrhages.
It’s not uncommon for people who availed of Lasik eye surgery to get haemorrhages around the white areas of their eyes. While this should be no cause for alarm, it might seem unsightly for many of the people who undergo the treatment.

3. Dry, Irritable Eyes.
The biggest complaint that people who avail of Lasik eye surgery have is that their eyes become too dry and irritable after the procedure. This might not resolve after the treatment, so it’s important to discuss this particular problems with your doctor before you avail of the surgery.