List of Pros and Cons of Alternative Energy Sources

Our world is filled up with technology and all this technology needs something to fuel it in order for it to work, similarly, we need food to work as well. Technology works with energy such as electricity. We need electricity to charge our phones, we need it to get our refrigerator running,

Usually, we burn a lot of fossil fuels in order to create electricity which isn’t the best plan of action since we end up not having a sufficient amount of fossil fuels to guarantee that we are going to have energy in the future. As such we need alternative forms of energy that are actually sustainable for the future.

List of Pros of Alternative Energy Sources

1. They Don’t Damage The Environment.
Collecting energy from alternative sources such as the wind and the sun doesn’t hurt the environment at all. If we just get a little panel on top of our houses to collect the energy that the sun gives us for free, we are getting the best possible outcome. We don’t have to do a lot of labor to get the panel to work, nor do we have to destroy the nature to gather the energy.

If we amplify this to an industrial scale, the same principle applies. We don’t have to destroy the environment.

2. Can Create Green Jobs.
Alternative energy sources need manpower in order to make sure that everything in functioning and in order to make sure that the energy is being exploited properly. Since these types of energy are going to get money moving in the economy, and since they don’t run out at all, it is possible to create careers out of the explorations of alternative energy sources..

List of Cons of Alternative Energy Sources

1. It Requires High Investment.
Alternative energy sources aren’t too fast in the process of making money and, as such, they aren’t too good when it comes to the return on investment (ROI) that they give. This means that a high investment in alternative energy sources isn’t going to be breaking even at least a few years after it was done, and our economy revolves around short term results.

2. Alternative Energy Makes Up a Low Percentage of Our Production.
Currently, it Is a lot easier and more cost effective to use fossil fuels to produce our energy and, as such, alternative energy sources aren’t really popular just yet. The idea of using them is great, but it represents too many economic challenges for us to go through with it. Currently, some Scandinavian countries have made alternative energy sources very popular in their country, but it still only serves a small amount of the population. Perhaps there will be an improvement in the future.