Apple TV Pros and Cons List

Watching all your favorite movies and TV shows just got a whole lot easier with the advantage of set-top boxes, which allow you to access streaming content online. Even finding an old television program you thought was long forgotten is easier than ever with just a few clicks. But there are a lot of choices for how you choose to stream your videos.

All of them offer the wonderful convenience of being able to watch a variety of different things right from your own home, but none of them are perfect. There are a lot of options available, but today, we’re going to take a further look at Apple TV, a set-top box from MacIntosh. This device is versatile, and can be used to mirror other devices, as well as sharing pictures, playing video games, and working with Bluetooth.

Users of Apple TV frequently cite various benefits and disadvantages they experience with this device. While choosing a device for accessing videos really always boils down to personal preference, many people remain loyal to Apple products and love them. Others can’t stand ‘em! It really is up to you. Here are some common insights about the Apple TV device:

The Pros of Apple TV

1. Simple, clean interface that many people find easy to use.
2. Small, light and portable.
3. Can be used to mirror other Apple or PC devices for dual screens.
4. Comes standard with Netflix.
5. Works with WiFi and Ethernet.
6. Compatible with Bluetooth.
7. Very clear picture.
8. User-friendly, simple remote.
9. Uses cloud technology, requires no hard drive.
10. Quiet performance.

The Cons of Apple TV

1. Sometimes has connectivity issues with WiFi.
2. Occasional long buffering times.
3. Users report issues with the sturdiness of remote.
4. Lack of customization due to extremely simple OS.
5. Reports of problems syncing photostream.
6. Experiences bugs and other glitches due to frequent and often unneeded updates.
7. Only compatible with HDMI cable.
8. Power cord isn’t very flexible.
9. Some users feel selection of free movies isn’t broad enough.
10. As with all Apple products, you’ll run into some compatibility snags with non-proprietary devices.

As you can see, there are quite a few things to take into consideration regarding the Apple TV device. Beyond these, there is some debate about the price tag as well. Coming in at a typical retail price at around $100.00, users are split down the middle: some feel this is a great value and that it is worth every penny. Others have claimed that this price is too steep, given the less favorable features of the device. It really comes down to personal preference, but now you know a little more about Apple TV and what it can do for you.