List of Pros and Cons of Dental Hygienist

People have different interests and that’s why a person is drawn to a particular area of the workforce. They want to do something that interests them and challenges them, while it also earns them a good wage and gives them some security. In today’s work environment stability is a key factor in choosing a profession. Many people who believed they would retire from their jobs wound up without a job at all. However, one field is continuing to grow while many others fade away – Dental Hygienist.

What Exactly Are They?

Dental Hygienists work in a dentist office and perform tasks like cleaning teeth, examining mouths for any sign of oral disease, and many other types of preventative dental care. They are usually left with the responsibility of educating patients on how to better care for their teeth.

The dental hygienist job is comprised of both full-time and part-time workers. They deliver an essential and necessary service for their communities.

List of Pros of Dental Hygienists

1. The pay for a Dental Hygienists is higher than the National Average.
Anyone interested in a career that pays them well should consider becoming a Dental Hygienist. The average salary starting out, after schooling, is $70,210. When you put that up against a national average of $44,888 it’s not hard to understand why more people are looking into this as their profession. Let’s face it, $33.00 an hour is nothing to sneeze at.

2. The training time compared to many other professions is relatively short.
Most states don’t require any OJT (on the job training). Most of your other professions require at least anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years of training. All you need to become a dental hygienist is an associate’s degree. When it comes to licensing, you might be required to pass an exam. This varies from state to state.

3. Stability is key in an unstable Economy.
If stability is what you want then being a dental hygienist is a really good option. The demand is always there. People are always going to need their services and this field has been projected to grow by as much as 33% in the future.

List of Cons of Dental Hygienist

1. This field doesn’t possess the glamour of other fields like stewardess or fashion model.
When people think of a dental hygienist they mostly just think ‘dentist’. A lot of people don’t pursue this field for that very reason, they want something exciting and alluring.

2. While the demand is always there, it is heavy in some areas and light in others.
As it grows things will become better but depending on where you plan to practice, the opportunities may be a bit sparse.

The Dental Hygienist field may not be glamorous, but in a world where stability is high on the priority list, it presents a very nice opportunity.