Cell Phone Pros and Cons List

The cell phone has been around for some time now but it doesn’t seem like all that long ago we had to rely on a landline phone to get by. It has been around forty years now since the invention of the cell phone. A large percentage of people could never live without their cell phones today. But for people like me I remember the good old days when just landline phones existed. Below are some “Pros and Cons” of owning and using a cell phone in today’s fast pace world. Most cell phones today are “Smartphones” making the cell phone even more powerful.

List of Pros of Cell Phones

1. You Will Never Miss Any Calls like the Old Landline Ones.
We always have our phones on us so we are reachable wherever we go. You don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to call.

2. You Can Use Your Cell Phone Anywhere You Go These Days.
As long as you have a cell phone tower reception. This on the go feature gives you ways to keep in touch in places you never could before cell phones. Most people today have “Smart Phones” so you also have access to the internet in places you never could before. Searching the internet for information and Social Media are two highly used functions today on a smartphone. This gives you so much freedom in our daily lives.

3. Never Getting Lost Again.
With GPS most of us never have to worry about getting lost. The smartphone function guides us step by step as we move closer to our destination. We don’t have to worry about finding a gas station or nice restaurant when we’re on the road. This gives us a beautiful freedom without as much worry of getting lost.

4. With Cell Phones We Never Have to Talk Directly to a Human Being.
This sounds kind of weird to us older people but the young people of today prefer this method of communication. People today with their cell phone can just talk and communicate in short texts. Texting has become so popular that many people even do it while driving. This makes another hazard of being on the road.

5. Cell Phones Offer Us Security Wherever We Go.
Having a cell phone makes us feel we will never be stranded alongside of the road. They give us protection in case of an emergency like illness or other dangerous incidents. Most cell phones today also have a camera or video to capture any needed incidents also. The cell phone provides 24/7 security something a landline phone could ever do.

6. Cells Phone Provide an Easy Payment System on the Go.
You aren’t going to miss a due date for bills when you have a cell phone. You can go online with your smartphone and make the payment at work or other places when you are on the go. You can also use electronic coupons or discount codes right at the stores.

List of Cons of Cell Phones

1. Never Missing a Call Can Be a Real Pain.
When you have a device that can reach you 24/7 it is not always an advantage. When your boss is always wondering where you are and friends that can bother you wherever this can be a real pain. Work related issues become something that follows you even when you just need an escape or a little peace.

2. Cell Phones Can Produce Anxiety.
There are some people who never go anywhere without their cell phone turned on. These people become addicted to the always “having to know the latest”. This includes social media and texting. This is not healthy in the long run.

3. Cell Phones Can Be Dangerous.
Using a cell phone is not always a good thing. This cell phone if used at the wrong time can cause some dangerous conditions. Texting and viewing pictures while you’re driving can be life-threatening. Walking across the street while looking at your phone can cause the same conditions.

4. Cell Phones Can Be Used to Take Pictures Everywhere.
You are at a disadvantage if somebody snaps a picture of you when you don’t want them to. Cell phones can be taken everywhere 24/7 so those crazy pictures of you at the bar could be very damaging to your reputation. People can use them also to spy on you capturing something you don’t want them to know.

5. Human Interaction Is Lost.
When you use your phone to do everything you lose a most basic human need. The need to interact with people face to face is almost completely eliminated leading to more social isolation in the world around us. This creates a lot of rude incidents with people always using their cell phones. The cell phone comes first and this leads to more disconnect between others in society.

6. Allows You To Work Away From Your Job.
This is not always a good thing because you might be trying to enjoy a vacation or other outing with your family or friends. The internet is supposed to give us freedom but what really ends up happening is giving us less. We get addicted to our phones thinking we don’t really need family time. Everybody needs to recharge sometimes and by not doing this people are creating a stressed-out lifestyle.

The name of some phones are smartphones but how smart are we if we let them consume us twenty-four hours a day. Using your phone at the right times is optimal but anything more is counterproductive.