List of Pros and Cons of Animal Rights

The debate about animals rights goes on and on without anyone getting to any real conclusion. Although most of the time people tend to agree upon animal rights, it’s not always the case. Nevertheless, information is worth gold in modern day society and as such, we are about to present to you the pros and cons of this animal rights debate.

The truth is, animals are used for tests that determine the safety of drugs and cosmetics on human beings. A lot of people believe that animals should never be tested on and that there are other ways of testing these products without having to hurt anyone. There are a lot of factors involved in the discussion which makes it a very controversial topic.

List of Pros of Animal Rights

1. Animal Lives Can Be Saved
When products are tested on animals they can potentially get hurt and, if the products are tested in them, they won’t get hurt. Furthermore, some products might not hurt them directly but might affect them in their social lives and in the nature of what they do, making them suffer until the end of their days. Unfortunately, however, a lot of the products we use on animals aren’t really approved to be used on humans, which is something that should also be fought for.

2. Animal Deaths Don’t Benefit Humans
Every time an animal dies, there is no actual benefit for humans at all. As a matter of fact, if an ecosystem is damaged human beings are also going to pay for it. Nature has a very delicate system that, when disturbing, can cause a chain reaction that ends up damaging humans as well. That being said, humans should not be messing around with nature’s work since they don’t have the ability to be delicate enough not to disturb it.

3. Tests Might Be Unreliable
Although it is true some tests on animals can help us evolve in the medicinal field, it might also not be true depending on very specific situations. Some animals are extreme different from us and as such, a lot of the tests conducted in them will be completely inconclusive regarding our health and our well-being. Furthermore, animals don’t understand what is being done and what is happening to them and this will certainly induce stress in them which might also damage and modify the results of the tests making them inconclusive. These tests could be completely avoided.

4. It’s Expensive to Test on Animals
Animals require special shelter, special food and care which adds up to the overall costs of these tests. These are only experimental tests and will never be completely conclusive regarding the results of a specific type of medicine on a human being. Furthermore, performing tests that tend to have only long-term results will end up being an incredibly expensive situation since the animals are going to require special treatment until the results are obtained. The costs are an important theme, so much that there are companies that breed animals for the specific purpose of selling them for tests.

5. More Disposable Money
Without performing tests on animals and treating them as simple testing objects, the costs of these tests are saved. With the saving of these costs, the leftover money can be used to fund other types of organizations that conduct specific research on things that would probably not need to be tested on animals. Furthermore, the amount of leftover money could be used to take care of other serious problems such as world hunger and poverty. The money wouldn’t be enough to eliminate the problems as a whole, but every possible help counts when it comes to issues as serious as these. Plus, animals wouldn’t be affected.

List of Cons of Animal Rights

1. Aids in Research
Testing products on animals might end up being harmful for the animals themselves, but people who believe that the life of a human being is worth more than the life of an animal. Either way, the testing of products on animals’ aids in the research of new products and medications, allowing us to speed up our development in the medicine field. For example, most of the drugs we currently use to prevent and treat serious conditions such as cancer, HIV and diabetes are drugs that were tested on animals before being used on humans.

2. Allows Safety Tests
With the crazy amount of substances we see going around every day, it is incredibly natural that some of them might not be so good for us. It would be incredibly immoral to conduct tests against human populations without their informed consent and as such, animal testing allows us to understand how safe are some of the things that we are using on a daily basis. Drugs, for example, can pose serious threats to humans and as such, some of the tests are conducted on animals and allow researchers to understand the effects that drugs have on our bodies.

3. Reduced Risks for Humans
With everything that was said above and taking into account that every test that goes wrong doesn’t harm a human but harms an animal instead, we can conclude that testing products on animals ultimately saves human lives, unfortunately, at the cost of the lives of the animals the products were tested on. Furthermore, the exposure of humans to risky substances is cut down and as such, diseases are prevented.