Deforestation Pros and Cons List

We have more than 10 billion acres of lush forestland across this planet. That accounts for over 30% of the whole planet. Sadly, we are in the process of cutting these forests down to size. This is known as ‘deforestation’.

The definition of deforestation is the cutting down of our forests to make more room for man-made structures like roads and buildings. We destroy around 15 million acres of plush green forestland each and every year, and we have been since back in the early 90’s.

The Pros of Deforestation

1. This process makes room for many necessary things like new roadways and buildings that help to create jobs and stimulate the economy. Space is needed for businesses to run and for new homes to be built.

2. Another benefit to deforestation is having materials we need for making paper, furniture, and various other kinds of wood products. There are other plants besides the trees that are very useful for making a broad range of useful products. Some of the land can be used for growing crops as well.

3. Deforestation helps to create solid revenue sources that many countries and governments sorely need. When the economy gets stimulated the people of those countries all benefit.

The Cons of Deforestation

1. Many more things suffer from deforestation than just the trees – wildlife dies and habitat is lost. Within these forests are many animals who live there. They depend on these areas for food, shelter, and protection. When an area is hit by deforestation those animals lose their homes, their food supplies, and protection. They have no place to go. Many of them wind up in areas that are not suitable to sustain them.

2. An increase in carbon dioxide takes place when the plants and trees are no longer there to release oxygen into the air. There is a real negative impact on the environment.

3. Without all the plants and trees around to soak up the water from heavy rains all the excess water saturates the ground and can cause severe flooding.

4. The deforestation of good forestland is merely a temporary fix. Once all the land has been used up the problems that were there before are there again. The only difference is that now they have less natural wealth.

5. Deforestation totally destroys the natural beauty of the area in which it takes place. Anytime precious natural resources are taken away, the whole planet suffers. Everything was put here for a reason, so it has a necessary purpose. Anytime you take something away without any way of replacing it, everybody loses.

Some people view deforestation as just another of the necessary evils. Others see it as a cardinal sin. It carries both pros and cons but it casts a dark shadow over the future regardless.