List of Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands

You spent endless hours picking out colors, working with florists, and doing a lot of writing and addressing in the process. How much thought did you give to your ring? Many people think that diamonds are the end all be all of rings and that nothing else will go. But in these times, many people are also opting for something simpler, such as titanium wedding bands. Titanium is a metal that us used in jewelry, watches, and even planes. Discovered sometime in the later 18th century, it has been used for many purposes.

What Are the Pros of Titanium Wedding Bands

1. Titanium is not an expense material. Compared to a diamond and silver or gold ring, you would spend a fraction of the cost. This is a great choice for those on a very tight budget.

2. Titanium is a very lightweight material, making it a more comfortable ring style to wear. Many people don’t even feel it on.

3. Have an allergy to metal or metallic elements? Good news for you since Titanium is hypoallergenic (which means safe for all skin types and with allergies to certain elements).

4. Unlike gold or silver, which may need refinishing or professional care after several years of wear, Titanium holds up extremely well and does not need recoating.

5. Titanium comes in a large variety of colors, so don’t think you are stuck with just silver.

What Are the Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands

1. If you are looking for a stone in your wedding band, you can’t choose Titanium. Titanium bands do not have the ability to hold prongs, so you may have to choose a different band if you are looking for a stone setting.

2. Titanium rings may be hard to make to true size. You may have to try on several sizes before getting the right one. Titanium cannot be soldered, so be aware that resizing smaller cannot be done once the ring has been made. Removal of the material along the inner side the band can be done to make the ring larger, however it cannot be replaced once that has been done.

3. While it is a resilient material, Titanium can show scratches and wear and tear a lot easier than gold or silver. This is due in part to the sheen of the material itself.

4. If you opt for a colored band, note that wear and tear can remove the color and the ring may need color touching up after a few years.

While there are many other points to consider when choosing a wedding band (does it match your spouses or is it something you will like for the rest of your wedded life?) these key points help to inform you of the components of titanium and why it may be a good choice for you.