List of Pros and Cons of Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is becoming a popular choice in the world of cosmetics, but this does not mean that it is a choice that should be made lightly. Whenever a person is considering any form of permanent makeup, they must take the time necessary to consider all of the pros that come along with such a decision, as well as each of the cons.

There are advantages and disadvantages to be found on both sides of this decision and each side has been vociferously voicing their opinions for some time now. Knowing the pertinent details about potential side effects is just as crucial as learning about the upsides. Cosmetic procedures always carry some form of risk, so it behooves those who are considering it to do the proper research.

Depending on your particular lifestyle or your personal beauty goals, you may find yourself agreeing with the advantages or you could find yourself on the side of those who speak about the common pitfalls. Before making the decision to obtain permanent eyeliner, be sure to study these pros and cons.

List of Pros of Permanent Eyeliner

1. Time Saved.
Everyone has experienced that moment when they realize that they did not get out of bed fast enough in the morning. This causes them to rush and not have the time to put the same effort into getting ready for work/school as they normally would. With permanent eyeliner, a woman can simply jump out of bed and already have one of the most taxing parts of her morning routine taken care of.

Permanent eyeliner is worth the cost for those who regularly spend large amounts of time getting ready for school, work or social events. For many, the concept of extra time each day is something that they simply could not put a price on. If you are someone who likes to look their best each day and does not have the time to do, permanent eyeliner is a great way to make consistently late arrivals a thing of the past.

2. Money Is Saved Over The Long Haul.
While permanent eyeliner does come with a fairly significant upfront expense, women who have the disposable income to use on such a procedure tout the virtues of saving money over the long haul. The money amount of money that a woman who uses eyeliner on a daily basis is able to save over the course of her lifetime is certainly significant.

Makeup is a huge drain on disposable income for a number of females. By applying permanent eyeliner, you can save time that you would be spending at the store purchasing new eyeliner and you can also save the money that you would normally be using. For a career minded woman who is always in search of extra time and money, this can be a huge boon to her career, as well as her bank account.

3. No Application Means No Fuss.
Eyeliner is not only one of the hardest forms of makeup to apply, it is also one of the toughest to maintain. In addition to the amount of time that it takes to apply eyeliner each morning, there is also a great deal of time spent on the maintenance of said eyeliner. Women who sweat profusely tend to experience the most problems with eyeliner maintenance and are typically the best candidates for the permanent eyeliner procedure.

By applying permanent eyeliner, a woman does not have to run to the bathroom on a constant basis to make sure it is still intact. One of the primary reasons women give for wanting to undergo a permanent eyeliner procedure is so that they will no longer have to deal with the typical sweating and streaking that takes place throughout each day.

4. Helps Women In Need.
Contrary to popular belief, every woman who receives a permanent eyeliner procedure is not someone who needs to save precious time applying makeup each morning. It is a great way for women who have experienced hair loss due to genetic conditions, chemotherapy, burns, or a botched cosmetic surgery to restore their personal appearance and restore a sense of normalcy.

Age and medical conditions can also play a role in a woman’s inability to apply eyeliner. Arthritis leads to joint pain, which makes the application of eyeliner incredibly difficult. Traditional forms of makeup are not always able to be used because of allergy irritations that certain women experience. In instances such as these, permanent eyeliner may be the only solution.

List of Cons of Permanent Eyeliner

1. It’s a Very Costly Procedure.
Permanent eyeliner is not a procedure that comes cheaply. While you do save money in the long run (especially if you are someone who makes regular eyeliner purchases and owns several tubes), a permanent eyeliner comes with a fairly significant upfront expenses. Some doctors can perform the procedure for $300, but costs can rise as high as $1,000.

Much like any other major purchase that is made, you will receive exactly what you pay for. For a procedure this crucial, a woman is going to want a high level of assurance beforehand. The only way to obtain that kind of security is to pay for it. The more experienced the medical professional you hire has, the more they are going to cost and it is up to you to decide when the price is too high.

2. No Ability To Change Appearance Once It Is Complete.
Before undergoing a permanent eyeliner application procedure, a woman needs to be 110 percent sure that this is how she wants her face to look for the rest of her life. The removal process for permanent eyeliner is long, painstaking and prohibitively expensive. Since it is essentially the same as a tattoo and it is adjacent to the eyes, removal of permanent eyeliner can cause more hassles than it is worth.

Unless you are either willing to stick with the same style of eyeliner for the remainder of your existence (and also pay for the yearly touching up that is needed to keep the permanent eyeliner looking its best) or you have zero delusions about the difficulty of removing the eyeliner once it has been applied, it is probably best if you avoid the procedure entirely. The process of removal is painstaking and there is very little ability to alter the makeup job once it has been completed.

3. Large Number of Potential Complications.
As you can imagine, any procedure of this magnitude comes with a great deal of potential complications. If the equipment that is used to perform your permanent eyeliner application has not been properly sterilized before the procedure takes place, you are at far greater risk for developing an infection. Women who have sensitivity in the area could experience some puffier forms of scarring (also known as keloids).

Allergic reactions are also commonplace following a permanent eyeliner application. The ink that is used in these procedures is typically the cause. Granulomas are nodules that form around bodily materials that are perceived as foreign and tattoo pigments are one of the main catalysts. Any procedure of this magnitude that you undergo is bound to have a large number of potential complications and side effects and permanent eyeliner is no different.

4. Incredibly Painful.
When a person is willing to place needles in close proximity to their eyes, this is a sensitive area and there is usually an inordinate amount of pain involved. Unless the person who is undergoing the procedure has a very high pain threshold, they should steer clear of permanent eyeliner. A woman who is considering permanent eyeliner should speak with those who have received tattoos before making a decision, as the two procedures are essentially identical.

Regardless of a person’s ability to tolerate pain, the area where the eyeliner will be applied is always going to be tender following the completion of the process. The pain does not usually last long, but if there are any complications, the pain that stems from these could become chronic. Knowing yourself and your track record when it comes to pain management is an important aspect of the decision making process.