List of Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Gone are the days when a person simply had to grin and bear it when hair popped up in unwanted places. Someone who wishes to get rid of unsightly hair now has a variety of options that were not available to them before and the hardest part of choosing one is differentiating between their available choices.

Learning more about the benefits and disadvantages of laser hair removal prior to undergoing treatments can help save a person from making an incorrect decision. While there are a number of choices that can be made, the majority of them rely on similar forms of technology, which can be confusing. So what are the pros and cons of laser hair removal?

List of Pros of Laser Hair Removal

1. Speedier Than Other Forms Of Treatment
Until recently, a large portion of citizens that relied on lasers to perform their hair removal would choose electrolysis. This treatment is also effective, but takes much longer than the more streamlined process of laser hair removal. Electrolysis has a similar level of effectiveness, but comes with the drawback of taking far more time and requiring additional visits to a physician.

When a person has a busy schedule and does not have time for repeated treatments, laser hair removal is able to get the job done quickly, without sacrificing safety or efficiency. Speed, precision and efficiency are the holy trinity that is sought after when pursuing cosmetic procedures.

2. Increased Safety
As long as the person who is seeking laser hair removal has the presence of mind to thoroughly vet any physician they choose and make sure that their qualifications are up to par, there is no reason to fear during a laser hair removal procedure. When performed by properly qualified doctors, laser hair removal is considered to be the safest way to get rid of hair that has grown in unwanted places.

In addition to the increased level of safety, laser hair removal is also widely considered to be far less painful than other forms of hair removal. Removing hair from much larger areas of the body, such as the back and legs can be painful when electrolysis is used, so those who are in need of widespread hair removal are encouraged to use laser hair removal as a less painful alternative.

3. Longer Lasting Than Other Forms Of Removal
Laser hair removal is proven to last much longer than waxing, electrolysis and any other forms of hair removal treatment. For a person who is constantly on the go and does not have time to waste on a variety of different treatments, this is music to their ears. The majority of patients who sign on for laser hair removal report either a significant reduction in hair growth or a permanent lack of hair in the region that was treated.

This not only saves patients a great deal of time, but also a great deal of money. Other forms of treatment could be much easier to come by, but do not last as long and require trip after trip to the doctor’s office. With laser hair removal, not only are you finished more quickly, but you receive results that last much longer than other options you could choose from.

List of Cons of Laser Hair Removal

1. Not Guaranteed To Permanently Remove Hair
While laser hair removal does work in certain instances to completely remove hair, the has yet to approve laser hair removal as a form of permanent hair removal. The has only granted approval to laser hair removal as a reducer of unwanted hair. So what does this mean for the person who is seeking laser hair removal treatment?

It means that they should expect some level of regrowth from the hair that is removed by lasers and that complete removal of hair is an unreasonable expectation to carry. A physician will warn you against the expectation of complete removal of all hair from the area before the procedure takes place.

2. Side Effects Can Occur
As with any medical procedure that is conducted with an eye cosmetic appearance, there are a variety of side effects that a patient should be wary of before agreeing to undergo a laser hair removal procedure. Itching is a very common side effect, as is swelling. While each one typically goes away within a few days, there are also more serious potential side effects to contemplate.

The skin may burn, become discolored, develop infection and blister. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to consult with a physician before undergoing a laser hair removal treatment so that they can outline your potential risk factors. Otherwise, you could be forced to undergo additional treatments to undo the damages.

3. Treatments Are Quite Expensive
This is especially true for patients who wish to have hair removed from a larger area of the body. In instances where the back or legs need to treated with lasers, it can take up to eight visits to the doctor to achieve the patient’s hair loss goals. Obviously, this can be very costly.

The majority of health insurance policies currently available do not cover elective cosmetic procedures, so a person will have to fund their laser hair removal process out of pocket. If a person wishes to remove hair but cannot afford the significant expenses involved in such a decision, their options tend to very limited.