Lash Extensions Pros and Cons List

When a woman wishes to supplement with her natural eyelashes with a lash extensions, there are a variety of pros and cons that must be observed. While it is the dream of most women to have long, luxurious eyelashes, receiving a lash extension is easier said than done. There are both pros and cons when it comes to receiving this procedure and they all must be considered when making a final decision on this sort of cosmetic procedure.

List of Pros of Lash Extensions

1. Better Personal Appearance
There are women out there who are naturally born with the eyelashes that every other female desires. The rest look to lash extensions so that they can look like those more fortunate women. There are a number of options available, so that a woman can choose eyelashes that fit her overall appearance and allow her to look natural.

2. An Increase In Convenience
Women who regularly do their own makeup enjoy lash extensions because they are long lasting. Top notch lash extensions can last for several months, which decreases the amount of time a woman needs to spend on her makeup each day. There are also lash extensions that are water proof, which allows for easier showering and swimming.

3. A Varied Range Of Choices
There are a staggering number of lash extensions to choose from, which lets women mix and match depending on the occasion. Whether you need them for a more formal occasion or you simply want something a tad more casual, there is an extension that meets your personal needs.

List of Cons of Lash Extensions

1. Lengthy Process Of Application
If you are looking to apply lash extensions, be sure to clear your schedule for several hours. A professional will need at least one hour, if not two, to ensure that the process is completed in the correct manner. It can also be challenging to remain still for several hours with a person working on your eyes.

2. Lash Extensions Are Expensive
While they are typically long lasting, lash extensions are not cheap. At the very least, a woman should expect to spend $100 on her lash extensions and as much as $300, depending on her personal preferences. The more lavish the lashes you choose are, the more money it will cost you to have them applied by a professional.

3. Increased Maintenance
A woman’s day to day maintenance of her lashes decreases, but the amount of professional maintenance needed increases. In addition to the care you must provide on your own, you will also need to visit a professional every time you need a touch up or a repair. It is also crucial for a woman with lash extensions to avoid any excessive rubbing of the eyes.