List of Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Nowadays our lives are just done on the move, we need to go places, we need to be fast and get things done as soon as possible. Cars help us do this every day, but fossil flues take their toll on our world. A good solution is electric cars, but like everything in this world, they have their pros and cons.

List of Pros of Electric Cars

1. Efficient in Many Ways
On the side of the pros, we have that these cars are quiet and quick. These types of cars can be very quiet and smooth, it’s just like riding on a cloud compared to normal cars. Besides, electric cars have a better torque than other regular cars, and as such, stepping on the accelerator provides a better driving experience since it is immediately felt on the wheels.

2. Convenient
Another great advantage is that you can recharge your electric car right at home. No more need to go to the gas station anymore. Fuel prices went up? No problem has nothing to do with you anymore, and now all you have to do is plug your can in and let it charge. This is a very easy way to recharge your car, and it takes only a few seconds. After that all you need to do is go to sleep, and wake up the next morning with your car ready for a new trip.

3. Affordable
These cars are cheaper to use than ordinary cars. Ordinary cars run on fossil fuels, limited fossil fuels, and as such prices for these fuels end up costing more and more over time. Right now, they cost a lot of money. Electricity, however, is cheap in most parts of the world and there are dozens of ways of acquiring it, including some renewable ways. All in all, the cost per mile for an electric car ends up being around four times smaller than the cost per mile of a regular car.

List of Cons of Electric Cars

1. Limitations
The cons are clear on this car. The first thing is that the range is limited. Electric cars run on batteries and they are obviously limited. Usually, and depending on the model, one full charge can last around 100 miles, and this is enough for the everyday needs, but for long trips it is basically nothing. It is possible to get backup batteries, but that is just painful to do.

2. Time to Charge
Another big con is that the refueling time is big. While a regular car just needs to go to a gas station and fill up the tank in a few minutes, an electric car does not work like that at all. The car needs to be charged and the time to do so lasts, at least, a few hours. Models able to last 50 miles with only 20 minutes of charging are increasing in numbers, but still, they pay for it in price.