List of Pros and Cons of Co Sleeping

Being a parent is a challenge that we all need to overcome one day and even though we always think we won’t be able to cope with the challenge, we probably will as long as we are able to make the best possible decisions according to our knowledge and as long as keep on looking out for the best for our children. This means that a lot of advice gets thrown out there as people try to help each other, and not all of it is good advice.

In this article we are talking about co-sleeping. This refers to the parent sleeping with the baby and people have been doing it for ages now. Some parents see co-sleeping as the best possible thing to do, while others don’t think it is that beneficial at all. A lot of people consider it co-sleeping if you are in the same room, while other people only consider it co-sleeping if you are right next to your child. The largest part of the debate is about the parent being next to the child and to better understand it we are looking at the pros and cons of it.

List of Pros of Co-Sleeping

1. The Baby Sleeps Better
Usually a baby will wake up and it will begin to cry. If the parent is right there next to the baby, he can go back to sleep a lot faster because the parent is going to soothe him. If the baby goes to sleep fast without making a lot of noise, than the parents can also rest a lot and life is going to be easier for everyone.

2. Creates More Intimacy
A lot of parents see intimacy as something crucial in a relationship with their babies. If a parent is sleeping right next to the child, than the bond between these two is going to be greater, and so is the intimacy.

List of Cons of Co-Sleeping

1. Babies Can Sleep Less
A lot of new parents look a lot at what the baby does and are incredibly sensitive to detail. It is only natural that the baby will wake up a few times during the night and then go back to sleep on its own but if a parent if there to soothe the baby before it falls asleep again, the parent just might wake up the baby.

2. There Are Risks
A young baby is very vulnerable and can get hurt really easily. A parent is a lot bigger than the baby and if a parent moves a lot during the night there is always a risk of the parent accidentally killing the baby during the night – this is something that is a lot more common than what it should be.