List of Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is defined as having a weapon on your person, in a place that is not visible to the outside observer. This is a particularly hot topic of discussion in America, a country that values the ability to carry and purchase guns. There is a great deal of tension that surrounds this particular conversation and each side tends to feel very strongly about their position.

The time has come for a measured, controlled discussion about the pros and cons of the concealed carry law. Diffusing the tensions on both sides can be difficult, as opposing viewpoints clash and people’s belief systems are challenged. Each stance has its own level of validity, so let us take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages behind this controversial law.

List of Pros of Concealed Carry

1. It Is an American Constitutional Right
One of the main reasons for all of the consternation behind the concealed carry is the fact that the Constitution explicitly protects the rights of those who wish to carry a weapon. To those who are in support of concealed carry, detractors are trying to take away one of their inalienable rights as an American citizens, which leads to a great deal of argument from both sides.

In any instances where an American right is threatened, there will always be a vocal majority who is against having it taken away. Even those who do not own guns are often on the side of those who are in favor of guns, because they fear that the government could become too powerful and corrupt in a nation where the citizens are not allowed to carry firearms.

2. Allows For Increased Feelings of Security
There is a segment of the population who believes that their safety is especially at risk when they are in public places. The concealed carry law allows these people to keep a weapon on their person and allows them to feel an increased sense of security. Taking away a person’s ability to handle danger that may come their way makes them feel threatened.

Proponents for concealed carry also point to the fact that the track record of those who take advantage of the law is relatively pristine, with few major incidents of theft and/or robbery. The majority of those who utilize the concealed carry law are non violent citizens who merely wish to protect themselves, not people who own guns with the intention of committing crimes.

3. Prevention Of Mass Shootings
Pro gun groups return to this point again and again and again. They believe that the rash of mass shootings that has taken place in America would not happen if citizens had the ability to carry guns at all times and protect themselves. They believe that school administrators should be allowed to carry weapons on their person to safeguard against shootings on school property.

Supporters of concealed carry firmly believe that mass shootings would not take place as frequently if the perpetrators were made to fear the firepower of the general public. If citizens were able to fight back against mentally unstable citizens who murder innocents without rhyme or reason, perhaps these sorts of instances could be avoided in the future.

List of Cons of Concealed Carry

1. Accidental Discharge of Guns
The fact remains that even the most carefully concealed weapons are prone to accidents. Accidental shooting deaths take place on a daily basis in America and the guns are typically purchased by citizens who had the best of intentions for their usage. Spouses regularly shoot one another, because they falsely believe that their partner is an intruder.

Children have an uncanny knack for finding their parents’ guns, even when they are extremely well hidden. One of the most common causes for fatal accidents involving a child are guns that have been placed in the home under the guise of protection. Those who carry a gun into public venues may shoot a stranger because they misread the person’s intentions and believe them to be a threat.

2. Emotional and Mental Instability
A person who purchases a gun cannot predict their future emotional or mental stability. In many instances, the person who purchases the gun ends up becoming emotionally/mentally unstable or a member of their household experiences similar feelings. Many of the mass shootings that have taken place happened under circumstances where a family member who became disturbed was able to easily access a firearm.

Life can be unpredictable and certain situations have a way of making us act out of character. That is why keeping a gun in the domicile can be problematic, as one person’s bad day or week ends up becoming someone else’s serious problem.

3. Escalation of Tense Situations
If we each stopped to think about it, we could probably think of at least a few incidents in our past that would have escalated had we possessed a gun on our person. Disputes happen and emotions can run high, which forces us into making decisions that we would not have made under normal circumstances.

Altercations have been known to happen, but when a person is carrying a weapon, they can become deadly, in the blink of an eye. And when they do, it is the innocent bystander who often ends up paying the ultimate price. How many times have you read a sad story about a person who tried to break up a fight, only to end up dead? These instances are far too common and concealed carry only encourages them to continue piling up.