Genetic Engineering in Humans Pros and Cons List

Genetic Engineering in humans was, not too very long ago, the stuff of science fiction. Clumsily handled in B-Movies, to start, it graduated to slick multi-million dollar productions. But still, science fiction. Now, it must be dealt with as a fact of life much as one must choose a job or a school district for the kids.

List of Pros of Genetic Engineering in Humans

1. Science Can Provide Solutions For Unsolvable Problems.
We have always counted on talented people who utilize science to improve our lives. Always. For if the disciplines of our mind cannot ease the suffering of the body, then have they served us? Or are we worshiping them?

2. Showing Up As Well As We Can In The Universe.
Whether you believe in a god(s) of some kind(s). Or you are an atheist who thinks you should just try and be the best person you can be and try to do the right thing. Or maybe you believe in U.F.O.’s and that we are being watched so you want human beings to look good to other species’ (and maybe they won’t destroy us and our warlike ways). You might want to prove that we are still a constantly evolving species.

3. Tremendous Economic Benefit.
Whenever there is a momentous scientific development there is a directly proportionally positive effect on our economy. That’s why information espionage (especially about new scientific discoveries) is a billion dollar business.

4. Unmatched Educational Advancement.
There would be an acceleration of learning technology that could be accomplished with this technology.

List of Cons of Genetic Engineering in Humans

1. When Will We Learn That We Are Not Supposed to Play God.
Our humanness comes from our spirit/soul and therefore we must consider Religion. All religions have some dogma similar to the Christian, “I am your God, you shall have no God’s before me.”

2. “We Are the Only Species That Creates Problems When We Solve Them.” – Einstein.
The list throughout history is long and impactful of the damages and protracted battles we waged on our home estates all starting with a “pie in the sky” idea made by a scientist.

3. “Nature Points Out Again and Again the Folly of Man.” – B.O.C.
“The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Soon Go Astray,” Shakespeare. We were not made perfect. It would be a lie to say that we sometimes make mistakes. The truth is that you can count on us to.

4. Science Fiction or Science Fact?
Science fiction writers for the most part have been accurate. Yes there were stories about the moon being made of green cheese and inhabited by monsters, but the monsters were the smallest part of the story. Stories about Genetic Engineering, on the whole, are nightmares about it just not being a good idea.