Electronic Cigarettes Pros and Cons List

As technology continues to advance at a prodigious rate, many of our older customs are falling by the wayside. The dangers of traditional cigarettes have been well documented, forcing many tobacco users to seek the refuge of electronic cigarettes. However, there are disadvantages to this increasingly popular practice. The time has come for a closer investigation of the pros and cons.

List of Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

1. Much Healthier Than Conventional Smoking
Traditional cigarettes contain a bevy of harmful chemicals and are medically proven to shorten a user’s life. On the other hand, an electronic cigarette’s contents have been approved by the and there is scant medical evidence to prove that they are anywhere near as harmful as a regular cigarette.

2. Lack of Secondhand Smoke
When a person chooses to light up that cigarette, they are not only endangering their own health, but the health of everyone who is currently in their midst. With electronic cigarettes, a person no longer has to worry about damaging the lungs of those around them with dangerous secondhand smoke. The distasteful scent given off by traditional cigarettes is also eliminated when you make the switch to electronic.

3. Can Be Smoked Almost Anywhere
Smokers are increasingly being told to take their filthy habit elsewhere. With electronic cigarettes, you are no longer forced to stand outside in the wind and rain to enjoy a smoke. Electronic cigarettes are far more widely accepted and can be smoked in a number of places where traditional cigarettes cannot.

List of Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

1. Inherent Health Risks
Just because an electronic cigarette is much healthier than one made from tobacco, this does not mean that they do not pose health risks of their own. Propylene glycol is a main ingredient in electronic cigarettes and can cause an adverse reaction in consumers. Electronic cigarette smokers are also at increased risk for dehydration.

2. Batteries Explode
Any time you regularly use a battery operated product, you are at far greater risk for malfunctions. While the chances of this happening are usually slim to none, the chances of being able to walk away from an accident like this are also quite slim, so it is important to properly maintain your electronic cigarette battery.

3. Less Tasty
The main reason why many people become addicted to tobacco cigarettes is the rich, robust flavor. An electronic cigarette can approximate many aspects of traditional smoking, taste is not one of them. A person who decides to put down their regular cigarettes in order to try the electronic variety is typically let down. There is simply no way for an electronic cigarette to successfully duplicate the flavor that a tobacco cigarette provides.