Energy Drinks Pros and Cons List

The demands of living in modern society often lead people to experience burnout and for many, coffee no longer provides the energy boost that they are accustomed to. Enter the energy drink, which was conceived as a viable alternative to the caffeinated coffee beverage. Companies such as RedBull and Monster have made a fortune selling these drinks to the anti-coffee crowd and there are many who sing the praises of these companies, believing that they would be unable to survive without them.

The debate has begun to rage about the effectiveness of these drinks, as many see them as being extremely unhealthy and a number of citizens are developing a long term dependence on them. While people who need an extra boost to finish their day will continue to support the usage of energy drinks, there are a number of negative aspects that must also be noted. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages.

List of Pros of Energy Drinks

1. Energy Boost
This is the most obvious advantage that comes with the consumption of energy drinks. People who work on their feet or need a great deal of energy to make it through their day can rely on energy drinks during the tough moments when they are in need of a boost. To many, they taste better than coffee or tea and often become a regular part of their daily routine.

People who have small children typically depend on energy drinks to get them though the long days. Younger children tend to have more trouble sleeping through the night, which causes extreme drowsiness in their parents during the following day. Energy drinks are usually the only thing keeping new parents from falling asleep at the job or behind the wheel.

2. Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout
Workout warriors love energy drinks, as they can provide the shot of energy needed to get over the hump during the toughest parts of your regimen. By consuming energy drinks, a person is able to push past their usual limits and work out for even longer, which has a positive lasting effect on their bodies (and self esteem).

The longer a person can tolerate working out, the more benefits they receive from their routine. A person who has reached a plateau in their workouts may need an extra boost to keep going and reach a new personal boost. Since there are typically no coffee pots at the gym, energy drinks are the way to go.

3. Convenience Factor Is Unparalleled
Let’s say you have overslept (again) and you are running late for work (again). Are you going to have time to scoop out coffee, fill the coffeemaker with water and wait for a pot of fresh java to finish brewing? Probably not. However, you can grab a six pack of energy drinks from the store and keep them in your fridge, so that you can grab and go each morning, wasting minimal time in the process.

You can grab these drinks more quickly and the energy you receive from them is nearly instantaneous. For a person who is constantly on the go, convenience is always going to be the deciding factor. We do not always have the time that it takes to brew a pot of coffee or go to bed earlier, but we can typically set aside a moment to grab an energy drink.

List of Cons of Energy Drinks

1. Energy Drinks Are a Catalyst For Weight Gains
One of the more under reported aspects of energy drinks is their propensity to cause weight gains in those who consume them on a regular basis. Not only are they very, very high in sugars, but they are also high in calories and tend to come with a great deal of artificial sweetening.

The majority of people who rely on energy drinks to propel them throughout the day are also drinking more than one per 24 hour period, which can cause major spikes in a person’s weight. As such, energy drink consumers are advised to tread lightly. A health conscious consumer will want to keep a close eye on their consumption.

2. Increased Health Risks
Any time a person introduces large amounts of an unfamiliar stimulant to their blood stream, they are taking serious risks with their long and short term help. Energy drinks have been proven to cause irregular heartbeats and lead to severe cardiovascular issues for those who become too reliant upon them.

Energy drinks have also been linked to increases in a person’s blood pressure, while also causing heart failure in the most extreme cases. If you are someone who consumes multiple energy drinks each day, this should certainly be cause for alarm. Strict monitoring of your energy drink intake is strongly recommended.

3. Decrease In Ability To Function
Energy drinks can have an adverse effect on a person’s ability to function properly and complete their daily tasks. As a person comes to rely on energy drinks to make it through each day, their tolerance rises, which causes them to need more energy drinks to achieve the same effect.

A person who is consuming too many energy drinks will experience anxiety, confusion and jittery feelings, all of which can keep them from performing at their best. They may also become excessively irritable and the sensations experienced by those who have had too many energy drinks is often compared to the feelings experienced by people who have had too much coffee.