Child Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons List

Beauty pageants have been around for centuries and in recent years, this craze has now spread to the children of our society. Competing in these pageants comes with positives and negatives that must be explored in depth. Are these pageants good for our children or do they teach them harmful lessons at a tender age? Let’s take a closer look.

List Of Pros Of Child Beauty Pageants

1. Teaches Poise.
While a child beauty pageant can be a nerve racking experience for a small child, it also teaches them poise and how to maintain grace under pressure. When their personal qualities are tested and they are made to show their skills for a wide audience, this can be a great learning tool for children. It increases their confidence and allows them to truly believe in themselves.

2. Learning Fitness.
In a world where children are becoming more and more obese each day, child pageants help to stem the tide by encouraging fitness. A child is never too young to learn dietary discipline and find out about the dangers of overeating. A child who truly wants to compete in pageants will have no problem making the necessary sacrifices, whether it is to their snacking habits or their play time.

3. Winning Prizes.
There are few things that children enjoy more than the opportunity to win prizes and receive accolades. Child beauty pageant winner can also receive additional opportunities to further their education and travel to exotic locales. By competing in beauty pageants, a child can have access to certain perks and advantages that they may not have been able to receive on their own.

List Of Cons Of Child Beauty Pageants

1. Emphasis On Physical Appearance.
While some children can handle a beauty pageant with ease, other children (especially those who do not win) may struggle with the idea of being judged based on their looks. There is also a huge emphasis on wearing makeup, which can be quite off putting to observers and the child.

2. Stage Parents.
Should a child decide that they want to compete in a pageant on their own, this is not harmful. Unfortunately, child beauty pageants are typically populated with stage parents who push their children into competition to compensate for their own insecurities. Parents who take this approach can do severe psychological damage to their children and heighten their level of insecurity.

3. Revealing Clothing.
The clothes that children are often required to wear at pageants are not age appropriate and can be far too revealing to be worn by children in a public setting. Bikinis and evening gowns are not made to be worn by children and beauty pageants can encourage fashion choices that are not wise.