C Section Pros and Cons List

We as a species need to be able to reproduce in order to survive, it is just something very basic and at the same time, something incredibly complex. When a woman is pregnant we all know that a little miracle is coming but we do know that it is hard to have it delivered properly as well. There are now a lot of ways to give birth due to the advances in technology and as such, it might be hard to know what is the best option.

Usually, people just trust their doctor and some other times, people just decide to do everything naturally because that’s how it was meant to be done. We should always take advantage of anything that will keep us safe, however, because the baby’s life might also be in danger if we don’t take the necessary precautions.

Even though there is no easy way to give birth, we need to look al little bit into each way and find out a little more so that we can make an informed decision, or so that we can actually know what is going on anyway. This is why we are going to go a little bit into the cesarean way of giving birth, also known as a C-section.

List of Pros of a C-Section

1. It An Reduce Stress.
If a woman knows that the day of birth is coming, stress is pretty much going to be a constant, for both her and her partner. It is obvious that the woman wants everything to go perfectly without any type of drawback and the thought of something going wrong will certainly stress her out. That, by itself, can have consequences on the woman and on the baby.

If a woman actually knows the date of birth and how things are going to be done y ap professional, she might have the chance to relax and as such she can reduce the stress related to the anticipation of labor.

2. Reduced Risks Of Delivery Problems.
A vaginal birth has a lot of risks involved including the risk of incontinence, oxygen deprivation to the baby during the delivery, birth trauma to the baby and sexual dysfunction for the first three months to the woman. By performing a C-section, all of these risks are reduced since the health professional is working in order to prevent all of these risks.

3. Reduced Risks For Certain Woman.
Woman who are a little bit older than the natural age of giving birth might not have the “body qualifications” to make it through vaginal birth and still be healthy afterwards, and some of them might not even have enough to make it through vaginal birth. A C-section will be, for a woman of advanced age, a much safer and healthier alternative that will improve the safety of both the woman and the baby.

Obese woman also require a C-section because there are usually a lot of problems associated with obesity that need to be taken care of. Problems such as gestational diabetes can cause a lot of problems during birth and during the aftermath and as such, a C-section is going to help prevent these problems as well as give birth safely.

4. Greater Control.
Woman tend to sense a lot of control when they know the date in which the baby is going to be born. As such, they can live their lives peacefully while knowing that in that day they need to be ready for the task they are going to have to endure. While waiting for the day, however, woman can actually prepare the family for the coming of a baby and prepare a room and everything necessary for the new family member.

List of Cons of a C-Section

1. Possible Damage And Infections.
A C-section needs to be taken as what it really is: major abdominal surgery. Whenever a C-section happens, there is a whole team of doctors trying to help out and it involves an incision through the skin all the way to the uterus. Typically, a C-section is such a major operation that it can actually last 3-4 hours. If anything goes wrong (just like it can go with any other surgery), there can be damage done to the organs next to the area where the C-section was performed and if things aren’t treated properly, there is a serious risk of infection.

2. Recovery.
A C-section is a major operation and as such, a typical woman has to stay at least 4 days in the hospital after having one, contrasting to the 2 days a woman needs to stay in the hospital for recovery after having vaginal birth. After the surgery, women need to take narcotics to handle the recovery process without dealing with too much pain.

After going home, a woman can not lift anything heavier than the baby, and needs to avoid driving and other efforts for a period of 4-6 weeks. Put simply, a woman is going to feel completely worn down after having a C-section, but can not yield to it since there is now a newborn baby for her to take care of. As a matter of fact, a lot of women end up needing around 3 months to be able to recover back to their normal selves, but that isn’t always the case. Doctors say that at least 3-4 weeks need to be expected before recovery can be confirmed.