Cap and Trade Pros and Cons List

Global warming is a hotly debated topic that no one really wants to forget about. A lot of scientists claim that it is true but a lot of people have their doubts and they just see a million flaws with the global warming theory. Whether or not you believe in global warming, you certainly go believe that pollution is real and that is takes a toll on our health and our world.

We have seen numerous examples of what pollution is doing to us and we need to reduce it to the greatest possible extent so we can guarantee a proper environment for our children to grow up on. We want them to have everything in the future,, including a clean world. The battle against pollution boils down to the health of the population against corporate profits.

One contested pollution reduction strategy is Cap and Trade. Essentially, it aims to reduce the amount of emissions and it is widely discussed every time the elections come up. To further understand the issue, let’s look at the pros and cons:

List of Pros of Cap and Trade

1. It Limits Carbon Release
The best thing about Cap and Trade is that it regulates the amount of carbon that is sent to the atmosphere. It creates a system in which companies need to pay for the amount of pollution that they send up to the atmosphere. This create a source of revenue for the government and at the same time it makes companies a lot more responsible for their pollution.

2. It Shows Future Generations We Cared
By placing Cap and Trade into action we are showing the future generations of our planet that we care about them and that we did everything we could to limit the damage we did to the environment. The best possible scenario would be to create a snowball effect in which every generations cares about the next one.

List of Cons of Cap and Trade

1. Makes Companies Go The Wrong Way
Some people are against Cap and Trade because according to their beliefs, it is going to push companies towards the wrong direction. In order to save money, they can start using oil and gas due to the cheaper offset it has. In turn, this will increase demand and damage the “green economy” that Cap and Trade aims to acquire.

2. It Can Create Deception
Cap and Trade’s system is based on honesty coming from companies. They need to report their own pollution to the government and pay accordingly. As we all know, companies like to lie in order to make more money and that is exactly what can happen if Cap and Trade is implemented.