Air Force Pros and Cons List

Part of the military forces, the air force is a synonym of pride and hard work. When anyone thinks about the air force one can only see the amazing planes performing amazing maneuvers all over the sky, dominating the air space our world has to offer. It is the perfect symbol for the power the human race has managed to acquire over the years, but it does have some downsides to it.

List of Pros of the Air Force

1. Careers
In the air force a lot of people can make an amazing career for themselves, getting a lifetime of medical insurance (not only for them, but for their family as well) as well as advantages for being part of our military forces. This can be an amazing resort for individuals who do not have academic ambitions but want to go far in life.

2. Job Safety
When an individual joins the air force, if he plays his cards right, he might be able to be there for life. Of course, a lot of behavior needs to be corrected and perfected, but with time things will get into their corresponding places. As such, if an individual stays in the air force for life, his career is guaranteed. Plus, the air force almost certainly will not close.

3. Education
A lot of individuals who do not behave properly or do not see themselves as fit for natural public or private schools/colleges also have the options to study in the air force. The education they can get in it is just as good as (or even better) than the education they would acquire elsewhere. On top of that, if you don’t have money for a specific course, you can do it in the air force while the air force itself pays the costs.

List of Cons of the Air Force

1. Homesickness
We all know this problem all too well. Individuals in the air force are away from home for a long, long time and if we end up missing them, we can only imagine how much they miss us as well.

2. Casualties
Like every other military branch in the whole world, the air force carries its risks as well. Unfortunately, when overseas, the rate of casualty is actually quite high which means that a lot of our loved ones can die when they are away from us.

3. Minimum Serving Period
The air force has a minimum serving period. You either quit while you are in training or give them back the money the government spent on training you, or you serve the minimum amount of time you are required to serve. This is, of course, a terrible problem for people who don0t have the money to pay but also don’t fit in there.