Understanding the Unruh Civil Rights Act

The Unruh Civil Rights Act is a part of California legislation that outlaws discrimination on basis of color, religion, race, sex, disability, national origin, medical condition, sexual orientation and marital status. This act is applicable to all businesses like restaurants, motels, hotels, theaters, beauty shops, hospitals, retail establishments, housing accommodations and many more. The Unruh Civil Rights Act was authored by Jesse M. Unuh in the year 1959.

Purpose of Unruh Civil Rights Act

Understanding the Unruh Civil Rights Act is essential for all citizens because this widens their awareness and stand against discrimination. All individuals in the jurisdiction must be familiar with this act and understands that this state is equal and free regardless of race, color, sex, religion and more. Many individuals have heard about this act, but not all fully understands that this is an act prohibiting discrimination based on particular protected categories and ensuring equal and full accommodations, facilities, privileges, services and facilities in all commercial establishments. This law also states that ADA violation or the Americans with Disabilities Act violation is also a clear Unruh Ac violation.

The coverage of this law is very broad. That is why understanding the Unruh Civil Rights Act as well as all the aspects connected to it is deemed necessary. If you are into business, this law certainly takes its part in determining its role. Legal courts are looking on various factors to determine the things constituting business establishments. Generally speaking, business establishments pertain to entities both non-profit and profit organization.

Understanding the Unruh Civil Rights Act

It is advised so that you will not be confused with the nature, scope and specifications of this act as compared to other acts mandated. Some individuals believed that Unruh Civil Rights Act is the same as the ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act which is actually not. The definition of Unruh Act is broader as compared to the definition of ADA.

The former specifically extends ultimate protection to individuals suffering from medical conditions. The departments enforcing these acts are different. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing enforces Unruh Act while the Federal Department of Justice enforces the ADA.

How it Helps

Individuals in the state are lucky enough that this particular act was enforced. The fear of discrimination will no longer bother them thinking that they can file complaint on the assigned offices to ensure equality and discrimination. It is true that discrimination is a widespread problem faced today and if this continues, individuals can expect for the worst. Understanding the Unruh Civil Rights Act and determine how it applies can help stop discrimination.

The enforcement of this act is good for the business community and individuals in general. This only means that the state government is giving priority to the welfare of people and betterment of the community. If you are a responsible citizen, Understanding the Unruh Civil Rights Act is one of your social responsibilities and be able to share what you understand to others especially those who find it hard to comprehend the different aspects of this act. In such way, you are also helping them understand their rights.

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