List of Pros and Cons of Wood Countertops

Nowadays homeowners seem to love the use of wood countertops on their kitchens, these are currently on the spotlight but they aren’t exactly perfect. Just like any piece of equipment, they have their pros and their cons and, in this article, we are going to go a little bit into them.

List of Pros of Wood Countertops

1. They Make Any Kitchen or Bathroom Look Good.
These are made out of wood and if they are cleaned up properly and taken care of properly, they can make anything look good. There is nothing quite like the look of wood and it is impossible to fake it. These countertops are beautiful, there is no denying it.

2. There’s A Wide Variety of Them.
There are a hundreds of types of wood out there and, on top of that, there are a hundreds of ways to make these countertops look different from one another. As such, even if your neighbor has a countertop as well, yours can be truly different and unique.

3. Wood Is Warmer.
As if looking amazing wasn’t good enough, wood is also warmer to the touch, and it has a very unique texture to it. With the amazing surface that wood has and the warmth it has, it can be great for a wide variety of uses.

4. It’s a Great Work Surface.
If you are going to be working with knifes, chopping up vegetables and cutting some meat, wood is a great surface to work on. It doesn’t offer a lot of resistance to the knife and a lot of people even use wood for their cutting boards, since it is pretty resistant. On top of that, it doesn’t damage the knife on impact.

List of Cons of Wood Countertops

1. It Needs to be Properly Sealed.
If you don’t seal a wood countertop properly and if you don’t clean it properly after using it, you might be making a perfect home for germs and insects in your home. It’s hard to properly take care of a wood countertop.

2. Chipping is a Thing.
If the wood isn’t of high quality or if it is really old, it can chip easily with the impact that your knife will have on it. Not only can the pieces get into your food and into your plate, they will also going to make your countertop look horrible after a while.

3. Water Damage Can Occur.
If you don’t treat the surface with a protecting agent such as mineral oil, water can end up damaging your wood, and that is just going to make it look horrible, and on top of that, your wood countertop will not be a good surface to work on anymore.