List of Pros and Cons of Unions

Unions, more often than not, working for the rights of workers, attempting to make sure their demands are met every possible time. Unions were created with the purpose to support workers in this world we are living in, but things aren’t so easy.

Unions attempt to allow the common work to have to power to negotiate and to acquire the rights it deserves, but sometimes when unions acquire monopolies, the exact opposite can happen. As such, we need to look at the pros and cons of unions:

What Are the Pros of Unions?

1. Employee Gets Less Attrition
Through the help of a union, a lot of employees will have much better working lives than what they would have without them. Natural requirements such as a good work environment, proper wages, and even the right to work are things unions fight for.

2. Bette Productivity
A happy worker is a productive worker, this is obvious. Thanks to unions, a lot of employees are happy in their workplace and as such they end up producing a lot more than what they would produce if they were unhappy.

3. Higher Wages
Unions help employees negotiate and fight for their rights. Thanks to the power of unions, an employee can acquire better wage for a determined job, since the employer loses options if the union has a lot of power over the market.

4. Equality
Unions are color blind and gender blind. As such, they tend to create equality in a professional environment. IT doesn’t matter to them whether they are working with a woman or a man, as long as the rights are being respected and honored.

What Are the Cons of Unions?

1. High Fees
Unfortunately, the amazing services that unions provide aren’t free, and they end up being quite expensive when one comes to think about them. Thanks to the power that unions have, for example, in the United States, these fees are incredibly necessary.

2. They Make it Harder for Businesses
The power of unions damages the power of businesses. This is due to the fact that they negotiate better conditions for employees, which means the companies are going to have higher costs keeping people happy through wages, better conditions, and so on.

3. Promotions Get Tougher
Unions aren’t pointed towards one single direction and within a union there are a lot of opposite parties. This means that employees might have greater negotiation power at first, but when they want to improve their power and get a promotion they are pretty much going to have a tough time. Although it isn’t impossible, it is certainly very hard for them to get a promotion since the union would have to be involved in order to aid in the negotiation.