List of Pros and Cons of Technology in the Classroom

Our world keeps on evolving at a speed we can barely keep up with, but we honestly need to in order to make the most out of the resources that we currently have on our reach. This means that schools need to improve as well so that they can give the best possible education for our students.

The old chalkboards are now being replaced with other alternatives and technology is finding its way to the classroom, whether we like it or not. A lot of people think that the use of technology in school is just going to damage the education of students, while other people believe it is just going to make everything a lot easier.

List of Pros of Technology in the Classroom

1. Students Love Technology.
If you give a student technology to use in a determined assignment, the student is going to love doing this assignments because the amount of resources he has to do said assignment is incredibly big. This means that the assignment isn’t going to be as tedious as it would be without the use of technology.

2. It Makes it Easier for Students to Explore.
With the use of computers, and especially with the use of the internet, it is going to be a lot easier for students to search for the information they need to complete assignments and to improve their general knowledge on the subject.

3. It’s the Best Tool for Teachers.
Technology in the classroom is the best possible tool a teacher can have. If he or she wants to show something to the students that he forgot to bring to class, he can use technology to give them what they need to see so that they can learn.

List of Cons of Technology in the Classroom

1. It is Expensive.
In the current economic crisis it is hard for schools to obtain funds for a wide variety of things that they need to improve the educational experience they provide. Technology is expensive and it is hard to determine whether or not it should be at the top of the list of required tools.

On top of that, some technology needs to constantly be replaced and that just makes it even harder for schools to give the best to their students

2. Distraction is Easy.
Even if a computer is blocked in 1000 ways so that students won’t start surfing the web on their own and playing games while the teacher is trying to teach them something, it is still possible to find entertainment in a computer as long as a student is creative.

3. Can Improve Frustration.
If technology fails in a crucial moment in the class and if a student is already frustrated for any reason, the combination of the two will make him get distracted and make him lose the entire lesson.