Military Pros and Cons List

Every country has a military and as a practice that is as old as time, it is also one of the best ways to ensure that a country is safe and that its citizens and residents are sufficiently protected. Although some militaries may be more robust and highly trained than others, there are a variety of reasons as to why they are a benefit to society. There are also a few negative points to the military that many countries should be considering.

List of Pros of Military

1. Establishing Protection
As a country it is important that you think about how every other surrounding area might be interested in overthrowing your government and claiming your land as their own. Although it may not be as intense as in the past, there are a variety of countries that have grudges against each other. With a strong militant force, countries are able to protect themselves and their land from invading forces.

2. Creating Jobs
The military is not only a great way for individuals to serve their country, but it also gives them the ability to have a job and make a reasonable living in areas where work might not be readily available. All branches of the military have a variety of jobs ranging from engineers to active duty infantry. All of these positions are readily available for members that are interested in enlisting.

3. Establishing Discipline
There’s no better way to learn discipline than with the military. It helps to breed a whole new generation of men and women by giving them the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the limits that they can push their body to.

List of Cons of Military

1. Family Sacrifices
A major con to the military is the fact that families will constantly have to make sacrifices and live without members for months and years on end. It also puts individuals in a position where they may never see their family member again. These sacrifices are necessary to protect your country, but it can also be emotionally difficult to live with.

2. The Cost
Countries and their residents are responsible for paying for military services and the larger a military is, the more money needs to go into the program. This leads to many countries focusing the majority of their profits into their military services instead of benefiting their citizens and residents as a whole. Imagine being able to forego the military and put those funds into another necessary expenditure.