List of Pros and Cons of Biotin

Biotin in one of the nutrients a person needs in order to metabolize proteins properly and for the proper processing of glucose in the blood stream. Biotin is also known by the names Vitamin H and Vitamin B7, and is considered to be one of the B complex vitamins. While everyone needs biotin, it may not benefit everyone to take it as a supplement. There is such a thing as biotin deficiency, in which case a supplement would be required for optimal health. Also, some people with particular health challenges may want to consider taking it to see if it proves to be helpful.

List of Biotin Pros

1. Helps with nail and hair growth. Biotin is one of the vitamins which will strengthen nails, and stimulate hair growth. That makes it a very sought after nutrient.

2. Biotin, when used with chromium, has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels stabilized among those with type 2 diabetes.

3. Another way it may be able to help diabetics by reducing or preventing nerve damage to diabetics who are more prone to it.

4. Diabetics may also be helped by biotin helping to decrease the experiences of insulin resistance.

5. Some medical professionals see potential for biotin to be useful in helping people who have hepatitis with some of the symptoms they experience.

6. Depression is another thing which medical professionals are looking at for it to possibly help with.

7. You get some biotin with the food you eat, and can easily increase the amount of biotin rich foods.

8. Biotin may help in weight loss efforts.

9. It is affordable for most budgets because it is low cost compared to many other supplements.

List of Biotin Cons

1. Biotin has no known side effects, but it is also not known for sure what the safe dosage is.

2. Children have to be monitored by a doctor if they are given biotin supplements.

3. Biotin may interact with cholesterol medications, antibiotics, and acne medicines.

4. It may cause some people to have more breakouts of acne.

5. Some people may be more sensitive to biotin and develop a rash if used too often.

6. Biotin absorption may be affected by eating raw eggs.

7. Biotin is one of the nutritional supplements which you should talk to your doctor about before taking. It has not been studied enough to know how helpful it is in some areas, but is known to have great potential in other areas.

8. Using biotin is something you may want to consider if you have diabetes, are trying to lose weight, or are not eating enough biotin rich food. Taking supplements may be a great way to improve your overall health, improve the way you feel, and give you the boost you need. Be wise in what you take, talk to your doctor first.