Fusion Hair Extensions Pros and Cons List

Fusion hair extensions can be a lovely way to enhance you look and style. You need to be aware of the pros and cons of fusion hair extensions before you go for it.

List of Pros of Fusion Hair Extensions

1. Massive hair
Fusion hair extensions are one of the most successful ways of increasing the amount of hair that you show. Fusion hair extensions allow you to add length to your hair that you could not possibly grow on your own. No other hair extension method adds the amount of length that fusion hair extension does.

2. Add Color
Fusion hair extensions allow you to add color or accent your natural color. You can have an added color boost to your style or just add to your natural color with fusion hair extensions. Color is optional and a part of the price and procedure. You can go wild or remain mild.

3. Choice
You can get a fusion hair extension for a special event or for a lasting appeal. The procedure and process allow you to be completely selective. No other hair extension procedure lets you pick the variety of color and length that fusion hair extensions can. You can dress it up long for a special event or keep it modern for any occasion. The option is yours.

4. Variety of Application Methods
Fusion hair extensions can be glued on, braided in, woven in clipped in. You have the option of having a different look for any occasion or changing your look to make the best impression possible.

List of Cons of Fusion Hair Extensions

1. Price
Fusion hair extensions can cost you as much as $1.000 depending on the color and the length of the extension that you select. The price usually only includes the addition of hair and not the removal. If you want a new look for a short time, the price for adding and removing fusion hair extensions can be prohibitive.

2. Time
It takes about three hours to get a fusion hair extension. The time that the process takes depends on the amount of hair that you want added and the color. If you want different colors the process may take longer and the price may increase,

3. You Cannot Do This on Your Own
The procedure and process involved with fusion hair extensions requires a professional that is trained in the procedure. You cannot do this at home or on your own. The process requires special tools and training in the procedure. It is not possible to do this without help.

4. Removal Must Be Done at a Salon by a Professional
Just like doing the process at home is not realistic, removing the fusion hair extensions on your own does not work for you. You need a professional that is trained in the process and procedure to remove the fusion hair extensions when you want to have a different look.

Fusion hair extensions work. You just need to consider the time and cost that this enhancement of your look will have.