Eyebrow Tattoo Pros and Cons List

People who have always had thin eyebrows or who have lost their eyebrows know what a pain it is to have to draw them on every day. Permanent eyebrow tattoos can be used to give the same effect without having to go through the same routine every day. Because eyebrow tattoos are permanent, you should take your time to consider the following pros and cons before deciding whether you want them or not.

List of Pros of Eyebrow Tattoos

1. Convenience
The main reason people want eyebrow tattoos is so that they do not have to draw eyebrows on every day. This considerably cuts down on the length of your morning routine. Even if it only takes you a few minutes every day to do your makeup, think how much time that adds up to over a lifetime.

2. Consistency
Your eyebrow tattoos will look the same every single day. There is nothing worse than getting into the office and realizing that you have messed up one of your eyebrows. There is also no need to worry about smudging or fading.

3. Long-term Savings
Good makeup isn’t cheap. Having to use it every day means that you will be going through it at a regular pace for the rest of your life. The amount of money you will be saving may seem insignificant compared to the cost of getting the tattoos, but overtime your savings will add up and your tattoos should end up paying for themselves.

List of Cons of Eyebrow Tattoos

1. Bad Tattoos
The greatest fear of getting eyebrow tattoos is that you will be stuck with however they turn out forever. To make sure that you get eyebrows that you can live with, take time to do your research before choosing who to go to for your tattoos. Make sure you choose an artist who is certified and who has a portfolio of their work, as well as many satisfied customers willing to give them positive reviews.

2. Initial Cost
While it is true that your tattoos could end up saving you money in the long run, that does not negate the initial cost of getting them. They could cost anywhere from $300 to $1000. It does not matter what your savings might amount to in the future if you do not presently have the money to pay for them.

3. Physical Changes
Your eyebrow tattoos are not going to change. At first, that may sound like a good thing, but remember, the rest of you will change. A good tattoo artist will help you choose the shape and coloring that is the most flattering for you. Your coloring will change as you age, however, and your eyebrows may be left looking unnatural.