Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

Technology plays an important role in the modernization of this world. If its contributions do not exist, people won’t be able to make the way of living in this world interesting and enjoyable. It brings new gadgets and equipment in this world. And such contributions help people in several ways. First of all, it can increase the productivity of all the workers in this world while trying to accomplish a very difficult task or while manufacturing a very significant product to sell in the market. Aside from the fact that it can increase the productivity of all the workers in this world, its contributions can improve also the means of communication from time to time.

Technology is something that provides a very dynamic and innovative world for human beings. The things that were considered as impossible before are already possible now because of its major contributions in several industries and aspects of human life. Most of the things that are present in the human nature nowadays are part of the contributions of technology.

The Advantages of Technology

1. It brings upgraded gadgets and equipment in this world. Technology is something that increases the productivity and level of communication in this world.

2. It can turn the impossible things to possible things. Like for example is the fact that people can already stop or manipulate the weathers and calamities in this world right now because of its contributions.

3. It makes the way of living in this world much easier and stress-free. It created several types of vehicles in land, air and water for those people who love to travel to far places. In the ancient times, the best way of accomplishing a journey into a far place is to walk or to ride in a horse or a donkey which takes a lot of time.

4. In hospitals, several kinds of automated machines and upgraded medical procedures are present for the benefit of all the patients who are seeking for reliable treatment or cure for their illnesses that are considered as dangerous illnesses in the ancient times. This is the real power of technology.

The Disadvantages of Technology

The existence of new powerful weapons as a contribution of technology to human beings led to the creation of several chaos and dangers in this world. Look at the effects of the creation of nuclear and atomic weapons, several nations are already turning into demons because of it.

It has negative impacts to the behavior of human beings. Some of its contributions produced violence in this world. And it encouraged the other people to become lazy. The rate of sexual crimes increases faster nowadays due to the pornographic videos and pictures that are present in the internet.

Technology has good and bad effects to human beings. It is just a proof that not all of the things and changes in this world are good and perfect. It has successfully turned this world into a paradise for several years. And hopefully in the future, the next set of its contributions embody the best solutions for all of its negative effects at the present time.

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