Teenage Distracted Driving Statistics

Many teenagers today know how to drive a car. However, not all of them know the responsibility of car drivers. Some of them are even experiencing distractions that often results to accidents. It is a fact that there are many reasons why there is an increasing incident of distracted driving among teenagers. Even though they are being constantly reminded by their parents about the things that they should and should not do while driving, there are teenagers who failed to become responsible drivers, making them more susceptible to traffic accidents. They should always bear in mind that the reminders of the parents are for their own sake.

With this teenage distracted driving statistics, many people primarily teenagers will gain a lot of information that will make them about the risk involved in distracted driving. If they will have the chance to learn to drive a car, they should know first some information about the do’s and don’ts while driving a car.

Most Common Distractions

Based on, below are the categories of distractions that they should avoid.

• Utilizing navigation system.
• Texting.
• Drinking and eating.
• Reading books or maps.
• Watching video.
• Talking to passengers.
• Grooming.
• Altering the settings of MP3 player, radio, or CD player.
• Utilizing smartphone or cellphone.

These are the types of distractions that are usually encountered by a lot of people primarily teenagers. They should keep in mind these distractions so that they will keep their selves and their passengers away from serious situation.

Teen Statistics

Below are the statistics or percentage of the teens in United States who experience the most distractions.

• There are 448,000 injured and 5,474 people were killed due to distracted driving.
• In 2009, there are 16 percent of the teenagers in the US who were reported due to fatal crush.
• In the same year, there are 20 percent of them experience injury crash.
• In 2011 of June, there are 196 billion of teenagers who experience car crush due of texting.
• There are 40 percent of teenagers in Colorado who experience dangerous car crash.

With the presence of this percentage, people will see that there are many teenagers who put their life at risk at a young age. That’s why they should know and be reminded of on the different types of driving distractions. In this way, they can take care of their self while driving a long road.


The finest way to avoid driving distractions by teenagers is to educate themselves about safe driving. Educating them will awaken their awareness from the reality that following the do’s and don’ts on driving will surely help them avoid road accidents. In addition, they should always put their seat belt on and use some safety equipment. In this what, they will have the assurance that they can avoid their self from having serious wound or injury.

This information about teenage distracted driving statistics is truly significant to know by a lot of teenagers. Reminding their self about the types of distraction will give them the assurance that they drive to school and house safely.

Distracted Driving Statistics and Facts