Salt Water Pools Pros and Cons List

List of Pros of Saltwater Pools

1. Easy Maintenance
Is easier to maintain because you don’t have to always add chlorine to the water. You can go on vacation and not have to worry about adding chlorine.

2. Less Salt
There is less salt in the water than say seawater which makes it easy to open your eyes underwater. The generator converts salt into chlorine so this makes it less salty.

3. Gentle on the Skin
The amount of salt in the water and less chlorine makes the pool water better for people with sensitive skin. chlorine can be very damaging to skin and this type of pool uses less chlorine.

4. Less Chlorine
Lower Levels of chlorine mean less smell of the chemical. You use less chlorine because a generator converts the salt getting small levels of chlorine.

5. Better for Your Skin
The effects of saltwater on the skin feels softer. chlorine irritates the skin and gets in people’s eyes. Saltwater is a lot more gentler on eyes and skin.

6. Prevents Algae Build Up
The saltwater is more effective for treating algae than chlorine is. This means you can stay away and not have to worry about this condition.

7. Doesn’t Have High Salinity
Saltwater Pools have all the benefits of seawater without having as high as salinity. The Saltwater pools also have the benefit of making chlorine from the sodium chloride that is in the system. This gives it the advantage of the two chemicals. The low chlorine content is very healthy for your body but helps keep the system clean.

List Of Cons Of Saltwater Pools

1. Costly Installation.
Installing the saltwater system is more expensive than a regular chlorine pool. This expense is offset in the long run because you won’t have to buy lots of chlorine.

2. Corrosive Properties
The salt in the swimming pool system can be corrosive and damage other parts of the system. The salt can also damage the overall pool structure. Salt damage and repair in the generating system can also add to the yearly maintenance expenses.

3. More Energy
The costs of owning a Saltwater pool is greater because it requires more juice to run it. The utility bills on this kind of salt generating system is a lot higher than the traditional chlorine pools. The utility requirements of this system have to be analyzed to see if the benefits outweigh the costs.

4. Harder to Maintain
The electronic systems are more complicated to operate. It takes an experienced technician to work on and fix the saltwater systems.

5. Damage Surrounding Landscape
Saltwater systems can cause damage to the plants that surround the pool structure. It can also cause more damage to your dogs that swim in the pool.

6. High Calcium Build Up
Calcium levels can build up around the pool structure if the proper ph is not maintained. The surface of the pool can become coarser with this added mineral.