Permanent Retainer Pros and Cons List

Knowing whether a permanent retainer is the right way to go can be a difficult choice. Weighing the pros and cons of a permanent retainer before deciding to obtain one is a crucial part of the process. Those who are considering this dental procedure should bear in mind the advantages and disadvantages, so that an informed decision can be made. Read on to learn more.

List of Pros of Permanent Retainer

1. Never Needs To Come Out Of The Mouth
If you take the time to speak with those who have worn a conventional retainer, one of the most common complaints you will hear will be focused on the annoyance of having to remove it from their mouths each and every night. A permanent retainer allows the patient to obtain a device that never has to leave their mouth.

2. Their Success Rate Is High
When your goal is to undergo the dental procedure with the highest likelihood of success, permanent retainers are often the way to go. They boast a very high success rate and those who undergo the procedure are usually satisfied with their results.

3. Can Be Used In Conjunction With Other Products
Should a person also need to use other items, like a sleep apnea mask or a night guard, they are still able to utilize a permanent retainer and realize all of the same benefits as those who use a permanent retainer by itself. While this may seem like a rudimentary concept, a permanent retainer can still retain the teeth, even if the person has other medical/dental related issues that require the usage of other forms of equipment.

List of Cons of Permanent Retainer

1. Flossing Becomes Extremely Problematic
If you are someone who needs to floss their teeth on a daily basis, this process becomes much more difficult once the permanent retainer has been installed. The manner in which it is bonded to a person’s teeth cuts downs on the amount of free space that a person has available inside of the mouth.

2. Damage To The Tongue
While the damage that is done to a person’s tongue while wearing a permanent retainer is never going to be permanent or all that serious, it can serve as a constant annoyance. A permanent retainer will not only annoy the tongue, but can also produce a series of small cuts that can serve as a constant thorn in your side.

3. Dental Wax Is Needed
In the majority of instances, a person who decides to obtain a permanent retainer will have to use dental wax in order to maintain a comfort level. For some, this is not a major issues, while for others, it can become another area of annoyance.