List of Pros and Cons of Nuclear Fission

Nuclear fission is the term used to describe the effects of nuclear energy when it is present in an explosive weapon. Any form of nuclear energy can have positive effects when it is used properly, but it can also become very dangerous if it is allowed to fall into the wrong hands. In order to learn more about the pros and cons involved with nuclear fission, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages.

List of Pros of Nuclear Fission

1. Decrease In Pollution
When nuclear fission is used, it can serve as a viable replacement for more outdated forms of energy. Nuclear fission serves to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, which in turn leads to decreased levels of pollution. The ozone layer also experiences an increased level of protection.

2. More Reliable Than Fossil Fuels
Not only can nuclear fission be used to convert into electricity, but it is also far more reliable than conventional forms of energy. While fossil fuels cannot always be used during storms and periods of inclement weather, nuclear fission is able to be used at all times, making it a far more trustworthy form of energy.

3. Safe When Used Correctly
Detractors are quick to point out the dangers of using nuclear energy incorrectly, while omitting the fact that its safety depends upon the party using it. Fossil fuels also come with an element of danger and nuclear energy is typically much safer than coal and other fossil fuels that give off emissions that are harmful to the environment.

List of Cons of Nuclear Fission

1. Can Be Used As A Weapon
One of the most common complaints about using any form of nuclear energy is the danger of allowing the energy to be used as a weapon. When nuclear power falls into the clutches of those who have dangerous intents, the effects this has on the rest of the world can be catastrophic.

2. Nations Can Establish Power
While this may seem like an advantage, allowing nations to establish power and create fear by stockpiling nuclear weaponry is the exact opposite of what nuclear fission is supposed to accomplish. Countries that hoard nuclear energy for nefarious reasons are able to create an environment of fear. As a result, many citizens are against the use of any form of nuclear energy.

3. Harm Caused To The Environment
Thanks to radiation, nuclear fission can have a number of harmful effects on the environment. When nuclear energy is not removed using the correct disposal format, the resulting runoff can lead to the destruction of natural beauty and poison water supplies. Any form of energy that causes the loss of natural resources or the resources available to humans should not be used liberally.