Stan Romanek Hoax Debunked

On a spring day in 2013, police in Colorado swarmed around the home of a man who was wanted for child pornography. The suspect that they were wanting to apprehend was Stan Romanek. To say that Romanek has developed quite the fan base over the years would be an understatement. His claims of being abducted by aliens and producing videos or giving talks about the existence of extraterrestrial life have generated a following that could only be described as cult-like.

Police asked him how long he’d had child pornography on his computer before deleting it. His response? “I don’t know!” To Romanek, this was all another government conspiracy. His video, however, might be the biggest conspiracy of all, and is a hoax that deserves to be debunked.

Why Is the Video Almost So Bad That It Is Laughable?

The first thing we need to discuss is the puppet. Anyone can see that it is clearly just a head on a stick. There are some mouth movements and the eyes blink, but Jeff Dunham could do a better job at creating something realistic. The head doesn’t pivot on an atlas, so the movements are controlled by someone below the frame of the video.

Some point to the fact that there is blinking and this makes it real. Blinking can be accomplished by a motor and that appears to be what is going on here. The blinking isn’t natural, fast, or realistic. Puppets can also have blinking controls placed within the mechanism itself to be operated. Just watch the video. The body turns when the puppet turns, not just the head as someone would naturally do to look at someone.

The biggest piece of evidence, however, is that whenever the puppet turns, you can see the controller shift their weight in order to get the next bit of the script on film.

Out of 7 Billion People, Why Stan Romanek?

The story behind Romanek’s encounters are suspicious enough as it is. Romanek says that he’s spotted a Peeping Tom and wants to catch video evidence of it. There’s no law enforcement support and apparently no concern for his safety either. Then there’s the fact that an alien, who is smart enough to create inter-system space travel, isn’t smart enough to be able to not be caught on film from a motion activated camera.

Although life in space might be very different than what we consider life to be, the proportions of Romanek’s aliens don’t make a lot of sense. A great big head with little itty bitty bodies just isn’t going to work on Earth’s gravity. It might work in space, but a great big head without support on our planet will cause a fast faceplant and a broken alien nose.

The logistics of the story that Stan Romanek have put forward might make for some entertaining fan fiction, but that’s about it. With just a little scrutiny, it is clear to see that the entire story that Romanek has presented is completely false and a hoax that is remarkably easy to debunk.