List of Pros and Cons of Birth Control Pill

If you are a woman that is not yet ready to have a baby, you most likely are contemplating some form of birth control. Birth control is designed to ensure that you do not become pregnant when engaging in sexual intercourse. the most popular form of birth control is the pill. There are many types of birth control that you can choose from, but it is important to become more informed about the birth control pill option. The only way that you can know if the pill is right for you is to know what the pros and cons o this birth control method are. Here are some of the pros and cons of the birth control pill.

Pros of Birth Control Pills

1. Easy
One of the reasons why many women choose the birth control pill is because it is an easy way to prevent pregnancy. As long as you can remember to take your pill daily, you can be sure that you are doing what you can to keep from becoming pregnant. It really is simple and easy to take a birth control pill.

2. Clear Skin
Not only can you use this type of birth control to prevent pregnancy, but it can also offer other benefits that you can get access to. This means that you can take the pill if you are going to get clear skin. Clear skin is a side effect of taking the pill. If you are tired of dealing with bad breakouts, you can try taking the pill and see if your skin will clear up somewhat.

3. Regulate
It is also possible to make sure that your period is lessened and regulated by taking the pill. This means that if you have really heavy flows during your period that are filled with painful cramps, you can try taking the pill to make your period less painful for you.

Cons of Birth Control Pills

1. Effectiveness
Even though there are many benefits that can be gained by taking the pill, you need to know what the downside can be when you choose to take the pill. The biggest negative is that not all birth control is effective 100% of time. This means that even if you take your pill when you are supposed to, it is possible that you can still get pregnant. This is not likely and it is not the norm, but it is something that can occur if you are on the pill.