List of Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are not a necessity because one can always opt for glasses or spectacles. In some scenarios it is more comfortable to wear contact lenses, especially in sports. However, contact lenses have some advantages and disadvantages even when you don’t compare them with glasses. Let us explore the contact lenses pros and cons.

List of Pros of Contact Lenses

1. Vision Correction
Contact lenses, also known as contacts, can help with predictable vision correction. Those who have very little power or almost alright eyesight, if not the perfect twenty by twenty, can have some improvement in vision. Complete vision correction may not be possible with contact lenses, as is with surgery and some nonsurgical procedures, but there can be substantial improvement.

2. Better Side Vision
Contact lenses offer holistic vision correction. The objective of wearing contacts or glasses is to see better and it is not just to see what is in front in a more lucid way but also what is around. Glasses offer the best vision straight ahead. Look sideways and the glasses would fail to an extent and completely in some cases.

3. Better / Unaffected Appearance
Contact lenses can be discreet. Transparent contact lenses don’t have any impact on how one looks. Many people don’t like to wear glasses because they don’t look good in them. Contacts have no such issues. It is true that one can pick glasses or frames to be precise that suit their face but it is easier with contacts. Many people opt for colored contact lenses to accentuate their eyes. It does work wonders for many.

List of Cons of Contact Lenses

1. Cleaning and Maintenance
Contact lenses need to be cleaned, disinfected and maintained well. Else, they would not be usable for a very long time. Cleaning contact lenses is harder than cleaning glasses, for obvious reason. Disinfecting is a painful chore. One needs to be careful all the time. One cannot just keep the contact lenses anywhere they feel like. The upkeep and care is often taxing and dauntingly so for most people.

2. Risks of Infection
Contact lenses may cause infections in the eyes. There can be scrapes and scratches. Corneal infections can be very serious. Lenses can also damage the eyes during physical injury or accident.

3. Costlier than Glasses
Contact lenses are expensive, you need to spend money on disinfectants, contacts fluids and you would need new contacts every few years.