List of Pros and Cons of Congressional Term Limits

There is a term limit for the president and almost all the highest offices in every federal or state agency have fixed tenures. Congressional term limits have been widely debated and despite many initiatives from across the country have not been legislated. There are serious congressional term limits pros and cons which everyone must be aware of and consider the plausible outcome should it be legislated in the near future.

List of Pros of Congressional Term Limits

1. Better for the Electorate and the Elected
Congressional term limits would encourage voters to get more engaged with the election process. Many voters are tired of the same people getting elected to the congress and doing nothing substantial but holding onto their vote shares, sources of funds and their offices. The electorate who are the most important component of any functioning and thriving democracy felt left out as their representation doesn’t always get manifested. Similarly, term limits will allow congressmen and congresswomen to work the way they want and contribute something substantial. Many don’t want to lose in the upcoming elections and in the process of trying to hold onto their offices they don’t take any risks, say nothing that would offend some voters or indulge in any kind of progressive thinking that may actually benefit the people they are supposed to serve.

2. New Entrants, New Ideas
Congressional term limits will allow new entrants into politics. Unless the old retire, willingly give up their offices or don’t get elected, new people will not find their way to the congress without term limits. This is a way to block new ideas as those who have been around for decades rarely have anything new to offer. Politics should always be welcoming of young and energetic people who have great ideas. No term limit is a way of shutting the door to them.

3. Less Corruption, Possibly
Corruption is almost always systematic. Absence of term limits allows the existence and further strengthening of corrupt coteries and status quos. The only way to curb corruption in the congress is to allow new people to come in and also to have disincentives for those looking for corrupt ways. When congressmen and congresswomen need to keep raising funds for their reelections, they are likely to resort to corrupt practices.

List of Cons of Congressional Term Limits

1. Experience Matters
Congressional term limits would forcefully retire people or prevent capable and experienced politicians from getting reelected even if they have something more to offer. Experience matters and term limits tend to encourage amateurs who may not be suited for the job.

2. Against the Spirit of Democracy
People should be allowed to elect the person they want. A person must get the chance to be elected in a democracy. Setting term limits is hence against the essence of democracy.